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  1. So who here loves to go on L rides?
    Shit most of the time I just blaze in the car on my way to work or sometimes on my way back if my wife is home.. I know it's risky but it's great to drive while enjoying a nice blunt :smoke: plus sometimes I have no other choice..

    Blazing while driving > blazing while parked
    :D :smoke:
  2. i mean i've never called it an L ride before, i always say blunt cruise but yea of course man
    except for the risk its awesome
  3. i like to go on b.r.t's. :)
  4. If I'm not driving, once we're finished I'll stick my head out of the window like a dog. I love the rush! If I am driving, my left arm suffices :p
  5. Blunt cruise is actually a term I recently heard about.. Ive been familiar with 'l ride' for much longer.
    Although.. Blunt cruise does sound pretty badass haha

    Man I love L rides! N even tho I'm on a one week vacation I miss being home n blazing.. Whatever tho Saturday will come soon enough :D

    Sometimes I'll b like 'damn babe I gotta go to the bank real quick' then I'll just go on a L ride around the block n cruise around town chillin haha :smoke:
  6. I'll go on an L ride as long as I'm not driving. I can drive high but I don't wanna get in the most trouble, especially getting the whip impounded, and a D.U.I.
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    Yeah it's risky but you just gotta b careful.. I never understood those that go on L rides with a bong (which, I guess wouldn't b called 'L' rides lol) but yeah I just look around and I don't take drags on red lights, also I usually do it while I'm ridin on back streets.. So no cops or annoying people around :smoke:
  8. L-ride lol I call em blunt routes :), I don't mind driving, bc we drive back country roads :)
  9. Haha it's nice to see so many different terms for it.
  10. there is no risk what so ever if the blunt is all you have. worst comes to worst eat the blunt. or shove it (slowly and inconspicuously) into the bottom of you sock.

  11. no one ever takes the hit for the team to eat the blunt and you will get searched if your car stanks like weed and cops will find it in your sock, seen it happen many times.
  12. Blazing in a car makes me paranoid as fuck; it seems like everyone I know who's gotten caught has been in a car.

    I'd rather smoke at home.
  13. Yeah man. I actually find that I pay attention to my surroundings better when I'm high.

  14. Yea I also drive back country roads. But then again I live in a small ass town so not hard to find back roads. I got stopped once when I was finished with the blunt. I just lit up a cig and it masked the smell enough for me to get a warning for my brake light supposedly out. Checked it when I got home and was working fine.
  15. its really not worth it. but hell i love L-rides. nothing like getting lost on the nice ass back roads of pennsylvania. Beautiful state:) truly. its underrated
  16. Nothin better than enjoying a nice view high as fuck while driving :)

    One more day!!!

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