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  1. so yeah, on my bus theres a bunch of faggots and by majority rule the bus driver puts some pop-hop crap on the radio every day, usually its not TOO bad, some decent lil wayne songs, some decent gucci, ect, but today.. i happend to forget my ipod... so i was forced to listen to this fucking really horrible shitty song that these people call rap. im posting this to force people to realize this pop-hop trash is fucking getting old, ive always hated it but i thought people would eventually get tired of it. PLEASE LETS ALL BRING BACK REAL RAP. WATCH THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, ITS REALLY FUCKIN SHITTY. THANKS GC!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyBI4Y7Dz6c]YouTube - Trey Songz ft. Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy "LOL Smiley Face" (with lyrics)[/ame]
  2. Im scared to listen just by the "artists", and the lyrics on the screen.

    Should i be afraid my ears might start bleeding?
  3. lmao i remember when i heard this on the radio. My jaw dropped to the floor and i was like what the fuck is this shit. This shit is a disgrace to music, if you can even call it that.
  4. shits ill they shoulda put weezy on it.
  5. Throw Drake on it too and you've got every other single that is on the radio right now!

  6. yeah how could i have forgotten :rolleyes:
  7. wow.. dont get me started on drake... imma actually make a thread specificly for drake now lmfao.

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