"L-I-V-I-N" Dazed and Confused

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  1. What up herbal enthusiasts I was wonder what you all do for a livin and if you could would you live a different way. Meant Dazed my bad
  2. I was on top of a mountain; a vast dirt road stretched across its breadth. There were wicked trees jutting from the surface, yet no other vegetation seemed to have taken hold. The sky was overcast, and heat lightning darted across the clouds in sporadic waves. I had a single-edged blade in my hand, and it was strange because it did not possess a hit. I was simply gripping metal.

    Suddenly a hooded figure emerged from one side of this road, and it began to fire arrows at me. By some miraculous design, I was able to deflect them with my sword. I advanced slowly, and I began to see the details of this figure--it was a woman, yet her skin was rotting, and parts of her inner organs were exposed. I slashed at her, and cut away a chunk of her flesh. Then I slashed again, ripping away one of her breasts. She requested I cease my attack, in a plaintive voice.

    So I relinquished my assault, and she picked up her bow again as if to attack me, but simply fell to the ground. I asked her why she had attacked me, and she said, "Can you not see I am an abomination? These bones, this flesh, they are not what they once were. A beast is meant to be slain, and so I am a beast, yet you do not cut me down mercilessly. Why?"

    I couldn't answer her question before I was attacked again; this time, a man came from the other side of the road, firing arrows at me once more. I deflected them with ease, and cut him down.
  3. Duude... what?

    I read that whole thing, and it was pretty interesting, and it was good writing.

    but WHAT?? :confused:
  4. It was a dream of mine. I thought I'd add a random interjection to a pretty boring thread.
  5. Sorry if Im boring you D&D faget! I hope I find you in this city you sack of fuckin shit!
  6. Damn dude I read that too crazy story. You think the old lady was gonna die? I mean he did hack at her heart?
  7. Let's go. Midtown 12AM TONIGHT.

    Bring your game face cuz shit's gonna go down
  8. she was a zombie...undead?

    lol dank, a little touchy about being called boring huh?
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  10. Awww sheit! Tonight's riot in the streets of ATL was brought to you by GrassCity.com!

    get it on!

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