l find it funny

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by critter, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. l,am honest all the time and some people don,t really get it .

    lol,that includes mrs critter .:D

    How the fuck can l help if ya,all tell me lies ???

    l only try to do the right thing and if ya tell me lies its not possible.

    Theres nothing worse than an honest man making a fool of himself cause of someones lies .

    life ,l know but it still pisses me offffff.

    p.s. l don,t understand what part they don,t get ???
    Honest fool that does his best to help a lie ?????
  2. I'm confused. :confused:

    But, people do lie a lot...it's like they're afraid of the truth or something.

    It's even worse when they lie about something they know nothing about.

    Honesty is a good thing, but when you're like me and try to take things seriously (much too seriously, ugh) it's easy to get misled.

    I dunno what else to say...heh
    home life isn't bein too agreeable as of late...
  3. I am just like you critter.. No matter what may happen, I still tell it like it is..

    When the wife and I went to divorce court, I told the judge, when asked about the pot use, taht I used it for medical and recreational use.. She seemed to understand, but still told me I was in the wrong for doing so.. It didn't effect my case because I was honest.. At least I think so!

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