l finally made it

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by critter, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. [​IMG] Top 10 Posters of the last 24 hours
    Rank Username Posts
    1 obliviot
    2 cs_shoota
    3 Unknown
    4 weedboss
    5 smokin&tokin
    6 woody
    7 Digit
    8 gravy
    9 critter :D :D
    10 Kind_Of_Bongish
  2. l was over come and had to change to critter 11,lol.
  3. Well Done Critter :D And obliviot that's a hella amount of posts in 24 hours, have you left your seat in that time? i say get some sleep.
  4. :D :D Over a year later and glad to see you're still hangin' in there Critter...

    1 Luke
    2 blazedbowtie
    3 tehandydumke
    4 SpiralEyes
    5 StonedSour
    6 Blocko
    7 Grim Bongmaster
    8 critter

    9 s0ad05
    10 tetrahydrocanna
  5. hey... i'm number 2!
  6. damn...I'm 7th...15 posts in 24 hours...and I bet not one of them has a damn point! hahaha
  7. w00t im 3rd :p

  8. You can access it through the "advanced statistics" link located next to the "view today's active threads" link. Or if you're lazy, lol just click this link:

  9. very cool new avi Indy :D
    toke on :smoke:
  10. shit i made the list and i only answer growing Qs and the only reason for so many replies is coz some idiot broke my leg...... lol
  11. i remember you used to be able to see all of the all-time posters ever in this forum.. but it's gone i can't see the link.. it would show every member and how many posts they have from greatest to least..

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