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  1. So i have a closet grow in session(about 4 x 6 ft.) and i dont have enough funding to invest in cooling for hid lighting at the moment. Room temp tends to hit around 80 f. with just flouro's and fans during heat of the day so i couldnt imagine what the temp would be if hid's were in the mix. So my solution is to go with led's until i can harvest the first batch. I'm looking to buy either the sunshine system grow panel 45 The GlowPanel 45 LED Grow Light - led grow lights -Sunshine Systems , or 4 panels on ebay for cheaper but more sq. ft obviously, but i have heard to stay away from ebay when i comes to led's 900 LED Grow light 4 Red + Blue Hydroponic Lamp Panels - eBay (item 390094796120 end time Sep-19-09 08:14:29 PDT) .

    If anyone could give me their opinion on both, if you could that would be a big help. I have never used led lamps but i have heard alot of good about them.

    stay green
  2. Do not buy those..They dont run as cool as they claim and you can get better performance out of cfl's and for a fraction of the cost..I fell into the LED trap and I wish I wouldnt dropped almost 400 bucks on the shit...Im now looking into hps..
  3. cheap chinese crap, hehehe. nuff said. i tested my HTG 50w panel = 42w. another person tested their Glow Panel 45w = 27w. you cant trust those 5mm or 10mm chinese diodes, or the circuitry that they use. if you are interested in the last generation, try HomeGrownLights.com. i havent checked that site in deep. i wonder if their 50w is available yet. i got the 14w kit and the 10w Cree kit. all i can say is WOW. they have that tech down to a "T". give it a shot bro. if thats the generation tech you want, then they are the best. just my oppinion. btw, i tested the 10w = 11w, now thats what i want. hehehe good luck bro. DONT BUY CRAP FROM EBAY! its all a scam.
  4. I would run hid's but there is no possible way to cool down the closet without spending more then i am finacially inclined to do so. I guess i just need a good company name that is some-what cheap and realiable. Im not really electronically tallented so i dont want to build a light incorrectly and burn down my house. I wasnt to sure on the ebay lights but i have heard good things about s.s. If anyone could give me some other manufactures that would be a big help.


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