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  1. Hi this is my 1st grow. I'm using 12"x12" led panel, bubble bucket hydro system, General Hydroponics-micro,gro, and bloom nutes. The plants are a Cali Hash Plant and a Purple Lady from the Tude. They are about a week old. Here are some pics:

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  2. You might wana put some cfls on it too.
    They look a little stretched
  3. Thanks for the help man. Like I said it's my first time. I'm sorry but what do you mean by cfl's? Flourescents? They did grow very fast.
  4. Also on 24/7 schedule. Should I change it to 18/6?
  5. keep it on 24/7.cfl like that... [​IMG]

    Im not a master. but Im just trying to help.
  6. subscribed. been getting interested in leds myself.
  7. Need to watch some of the grow journals on LED. Keep your lights as close as possible if they do not put out heat, mine does not so they can touch them if I wanted to but I have them about 2 inches away.


  8. same here, I want to do LEDs. I like what i've seen elsewhere on GC.
  9. Wow, I thought if I put the led panel that close they grow even taller or faster. What does ya'll mean by stretching, is that bad? I'll try putting the light closer anyway because I'm new to this for sure. Thanks Bro.

  10. stretching is just when the plant doesn't get enough light it'll grow up higher until it gets what it needs, moving the light closer will often reduce stretching.
  11. If the shoots get lanky, stretched, they won't support the weight of the plant properly.

    You really need a small fan around so the plants move a little in the breeze to strengthen them. You can use small canes and tie them for a while for support if you have to a little later on.
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    What light are you using? Secondly, stretching means the plant is "looking" for light, so you want to put the unit closer, it's not a HID, you can go fairly close, I think 8 inches or so. Even if the light is a cheaper model(looks like the same ones my friend bought) , those plants should be looking better than that(friend uses for veg, they look AWESOME) , as said before, 24 hrs of light is what you are after. :)
  13. Its also a cheapie led panel 12"x12" blue & red, cost me about 30 bucks. I do have a small fan blowing on them. I will move panel closer to tops of plants about 3 inches away to see improvement. Thanks to all afgain.
  14. I just posted some pics on my Grow Journal if you want to look (LED-Test). I went to Big lots and bought a small os fan for like $20 got it on low just to stregthen the stalk.

  15. So how are they doing?
  16. I really don't know what to expect, but they seem to be doing fine. Appreciate the help man.
  17. In a couple of days you should see more growth just dont get carried away and nute the crap out of them. One thing I have seen with LED's they veggie great, I am wanting to see a good set-up with LED's for flowering. The one guy I went to see his set-up was not the best and he listen to the wrong advice. You will get everyone to tell you how to do it but half of them are wrong I listen to ones I know that can produce. Good luck.
  18. OK, should I be misting them or watering at all or just wait now until they reach the bottom of cups to get nutes? The cups are 6 inch I think.
  19. Just make sure the water is hitting their roots, are you running drip? the water is moving constant? Myself I never spray them but I do know of one guy in Ft.Collins that does his and he says he has great results from it. I dont know what it comes down to. maybe someone else can answer this.
  20. I've been misting them a little because the roots aren't showing yet. I heard that misting a little prevents bugs. The water level is right at the bottom of the cups and is aeriated with an airstone.

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