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l,am getting excited ,lol.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. Ya shoulda went with the 'Umph!!!!:)

    Well, at least you'll get some rain!

    I'm off to be jealous now.
  2. YAY!!!

    It won't be raining...I'll do a NO RAIN DANCE for you, Critter.

    I'm glad you picked the Harley...that's a bad ass bike!!!!!
  3. I'm happy for ya my friend. You can never have to many Harleys around..

    I've got my eye on a used one myself. It only has 463 miles on it. It's a 1999 model. I think I can get it for a real deal. I'll post a pic if i get it!
  4. hehe congrats man.

    You've made a wise choice, my son.
  5. i'd really like one of thier motor tricycles, if i could get a green fuel version. that would be sweet! could carry a little trailor with all my gear and travel the world.
  6. It's a Soft Tail mate.

    It's blue! lots of crome. The guy bought it and then got new twins for him and his wife. He doesn't care if he sells it or not, but he said if I wanted it he would make me a deal on it.

    He wants to get more riders to ride short trips with the club he's in!
  7. Now your giving me another reason to go get it!1

    I want to wait till the weather gets better and the work is more steady. This weather is working on my spare funds..

    That maybe the nudge that I need to get it any way!!!
  8. did ya get it! did ya get it??!! huh huh!?!

    didya didya?!?!

    i wanna knoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  9. haha yeah, i didnt really go away tho so its all good
    hope you get your bike soon..glad i made your day too:D
  10. Soooooooooooooo??????

    We're waiting................
  11. DO TELL!!

    maybe hes out riding it right now..
  12. Wish I was...
    despite the fact the roads are kinda icy, and i'd probably crash n destroy my new bike :/
  13. you just nuked us it doesnt matter you a hole!!
  14. wow those are nice bikes. My brother just bought a 85 mustang today , shit looks brand new . got it for only 3 g's and he dosent even have to pay it all at once.
  15. Congrads critter. I am waiting to hear about the ride!

  16. I only thought yuppie doctors and lawyers bought harleys nowadays. You aren't a secret yuppie are you mate? :D
  17. critters secrety identity..a horse trainin yuppie...

    thats who pompus ass is.
  18.,it,s natual to go from a horse to a moter bike ,ya have to have a feel or seat its the same for both ,but make no mistake my friend if ya saw me in real life ya would relize l,am not a yuppie,but just a real nice family man with 4 kids and a nice garden, hey mcdonalds.distracted by grand daughter asking if l want some mcdonads,buger and chocolate sundee.
    Most people round here including the police just leave me alone cause it just ain,t worth the hassle of riling me when l do so much good if left alone .pompuss yes my friend ,but with cause .l try to be a good guy in a biker lifestyle,hey it fucks every one .lol.but l love should have seen the faces at the Lions club convention when l rode in on the harley or when l told all the members that were drinking alcohole that l,d like to see a meeting where no one got drunk,lol. yuppie lol,roflmao ,l,am getting that camera soon and yoiu will see ,lol............p.s. fuuck the harley looks good again.............ohhhhhhh and it did ride nice.
  19. get talkative when drunk and stoned dontcha mate
    i was just fuckin with you...

    you pompous ass :p

    lmao..glad to see your liking the bike, id like to get one simply because of the gas mileage.

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