L.A Noire

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Meh423, May 10, 2011.

  1. Game looks crazy, I am going to definetly get it on the day it comes out lol.

    Anyone else looking forward to it?
  2. Graphics look incredible. Ill be trying it out if i can.
  3. game looks really original and a breathe of fresh air. Looks like a really good detective game. Sounds like a good rental.
  4. definitely selling Brink and buying this.
  5. no everything besides Wii

    Rockstar game so same as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption
  6. I remember when they first announced it, it was only for PS3. I might have to pick this up for 360 then!
  7. i want this game so bad! looks very interesting and unique
  8. Going to the midnight release at game stop.
    Shit looks amazing and is supposed to have 2 TV seasons worth of cut scenes and dialogue.

    Game is gonna take forever to beat.

    Its 3 discs for your 360 fan boys rotfl

  9. 3 discs ? :eek:
  10. Gamestop just opened, gonna head over to pick it up for ps3.

    And yeah, 3 discs for 360 sucks, dvd can only hold about 9gb while bluray can hold 50gb.
  11. Picked it up as soon as they opened for PS3

    Didn't pre-order it but Gamestop gave me the pre-order bonuses anyway (fuck yeah!)

    Been playing it for a few hours. Fucking amazing. So realistic and movie like. You feel so involved in the story
  12. Yea this game is the tits. Of course people who die if they can't play online are going to bitch.
    Apparently they didn't play video games as a kid....or they are kids and shouldn't be on here.
  13. Fuck lol. I went to my local Gamestop today and they didn't have it... Looks like im going to wait another day.
  14. dis. game. owns. :cool:

  15. This!
  16. im gonna bet this is one of those games thats kool as fuck but about halfway through it gets extremely boring. if not ill buy it.
  17. sorry grasscity but ima have to take a break for awhile, this game just got me hooked all day.

    nah jp

  18. na Rockstar never leaves you bored.
  19. Will probably rent this one. Can't see myself wanting to replay it after completing it...Does look really good though.

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