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L.A. Confidential

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MASS GLASS420, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Pick up an eighth of this from my dude for 65 smokes good really crystally really dense buds and it has that Knock out power too:D


    I wish i could figure out how to get a good shot of the crystal's i mean i got a 12 MP camera i feel like i should be able to but just cant make them pop out and tip's on that would be helpful it's got a close up option but no macro as far as i can tell
  2. damn looks good but thats alot for an 8th..
  3. picked up a quarter of that last pickup, great pain reliever and smokes so good
  4. had quite a bit of that for a while. its nicceee smells sweet too.
  5. Dang those buds look like strawberries. :yummy:
  6. Kind buds indeedio

    if indica is the name of your game, you can't go wrong with the L.A. Confidential.

    steep prices though.
  7. everyone alway's say's that's steep but thats just what things go for over here i wish i didn't have to spend that much on bud but i'd rather buy this then smoke dirt i find it weird how much prices fluctuate in the U.S. around here 65 an Eighth is common for killer bud and like in cali you could prob get this for like 30 buck's it sucks but what are you gonna do ? Oh and could anybody help me out with a way to get a closer picture so i can showoff the Trich's?
  8. I once smoked this bud called stansbury confidential. Great bud. Even better story behind it. Look up stansbury and you'll understand. He used
    To be my highschool counselor. It ridiculous because the dispensary said that's what it was called
  9. #10 jedistheman, Aug 10, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    20 in colorado
  10. ugh Im in the same boat as the OP 60 for 3.5 of some dankity. I envy all you west coast people smokin good for 30 to 40 for an eighth. I want to live in Oregon.

  11. 30-40 for an 8th?
    fuck thattt, west coast is better than that :)
  12. looks dense and funky! $65 is pretty high but that bud looks like some funk
  13. great pickup OP, and the price is standard, ive seen lots of peps pay 65 a 8 for "medical marijuana", if someone is paying too much in so many peoples eyes, then help him out, if not who cares what YOU pay, as long as its flushed, dried, and atleast a week cured, i wouldnt care the price, i never put a limit on something i love, OP, stay stoned keep green and f*ck what people say, keep ur mouth shut and ur trap open
  14. ive payed 30 for a gram

    one time i payed 40 for 1.6 gs.
    no way around it here. no mmj. :(
  15. never had la conf before, looks bomb, but you need to sit your dealer down and talk to him about his prices and or why he pays so much for his weed.
  16. Nothin i can do about prices but the bud is consistently good and it's not like im the only one who pay's these prices that's just how it works on the east coast and i prob have it better than alot of people on the east coast my buds are grown locally properly dried and cured for a month and then sold to a small selection of people. But once im in a situation where i can grow my own bud i'll be fine i've done it before but wasn't happy with the outcome it was fire but extremely small quantity and it was bagseed.
  17. Damn, that was $65? It looks great, but here (NorCal) that's around a 30. At most 40.
  18. Man that looks bomb yo email me some LOL.

  19. I don't mean to be a dushbagg but I've had that bud n I kno alot of friends wi th it So it isn't sold to a small selection of ppl. it d
    Smells wierd.

    I dont mean 2 hate

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