L.A Confidential help plz!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by buckystylez, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. hi!!! how you all doing?? i just have a few question about this strain!! first question is : what a good height to start flowering them at ?? second : is it good to trim off the big fan leafs during vegging and flowering??? and last whats a good nuke to use to make the bud more harder??

    anyone who can help me answer these question would be greatly appreciated!!! thank you!!!! :smoke:

  2. whats up buckystylez, la confidential will already be a dense flower so be careful with hardeners , but gravity works pretty well . it is a little hot so only use half recommended dose. as for when to flip you can usually count on them doubling in size after you turn lights down. only trim fan leaves that aren't catching light. peace
  3. i duno my LA Confidential is pretty soft and puffy!!! they dont get that dense!!! and i try to grow it till 3-4 feet than i flower them!!! and they seem to grow another feel while flowering!!!! is that a good height for them??
  4. Sounds like you should have done a little more research up front bro. Check out the beginners forum and read up.

    But just to answer your question, a plant will stretch 1.5 to 3 times in flower, depending on a host of factors like genetics and available light. A good height is whatever suits your needs, but if you're not flowering until 3 feet then you should expect a pretty big plant.

    Now go study.
  5. what u talking about bro!!! they dont stretch 1.5 to 3 times when it flowering!!! they grow like 1/4 of in height the most!!! are u talking about La Confidential???? or just most stran??? cause i m asking about the La Confidential!!! and i been growing them for a year now!! and they never grow and stretch as much as u saying!!!! i know what i m doing just wanna get some advice and view from other grower to perfect it!!!!!!

    sooo if anything u should be the one studying about them!!!!

  6. 1st off it depends how you growing it. sog, scrog, lst, whatever, also if your doing hydro, or soil. stretching depends on environmental and how you treat her. if the temps are way lower during dark times than light times, it will stretch more. also if you gradually give it more dark (from 24-0 to 20-4 to 18-6 to 12-12) it will stretch more.

    im growing Cataract Kush (LA Conf. x OG Kush) in FFOF scrog style. it has stretched more that my other plants. the tops are very big and dense and got frostier than my other plants as well. i continued training it to the screen for about a week or so after 12/12... i went to 12/12 from 24/0.

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