Ky needs your help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by J40912, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. This message is in regard for The KY people
    I am setting up a stageing ground for us to rally and prepare for reform of marijuana in KY I am tired of waiting and hiding and I'm sure you are to. for now all i need is for Kentuckians to go to
    this site and sign up you don't have to put personal information in
    that's optional and then spread the word to all you know tell them the same as i have told you.
    it is here our first rally as one voice shall be born
    you will find additional information there be afraid no more
    and ill post more details every 32 hours till further notice
    let Kentucky be free
    p.s at least check it out for 10 min that's all i ask

    we need all the support even outside support
    we can get
    I have posted this message to a lot of places and now i post it here
    hoping to rally the KY people under one loud voice to our def ear officials
    help free Ky from the Prosecution of our officials and the Persecution of our Friends and family let us end the Chains Of Prohibition we can win this the information is all on the site thank you for your time taken to read this all responses and ideas welcome this
    is for medical and recreational. something must be done we can wait no longer this state has been ignored far to long by all sides.
  2. haha i thought you were talking about the ky sex gel
  3. J40912 Is a close friend of mine, and he has a point. It's awesome for you guy's who don't get into any real trouble for smoke, decriminilized or whatever. But there are some of us who love where we live, but wish the laws could be better. Even though decriminalization still kind of sucks because you still end up paying fines and whatnot, it's still a step closer to what we all want to acomplish. Helping eachother out is the thing to do. It's not really "legal" yet, but with the right strategies, it could all be good one day.

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