Ky Medicinal HB-166

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by Vx Wolverine xV, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Not these guys..Bluegrass.NOT!! LMAO

  2. LMAO - I know who ZZ TOP is!!!!! lol I was just referring to the way the short capture. My bluegrass uncles think they are zz top with a banjo! lol
  3. NOW..That's funny Af!!!
    Most youngins have never even heard of ZZTOP

  4. Hey im 31 ;) Old ... feel it. Young kinda i guess.
  5. Let's say Ima more than twice that!;(
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  6. Much respect! Im here to learn from the wise like you ;)
  7. Thank You MUCH!! Actually turned 70 last fall:eek::eek2::eek:
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  9. Been following it for awhile now. Some really good people from all over the state fighting for it.
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  10. And btw, Nice to meet a fellow tuckian! I just hope youre a wildcat fan and not one of those other guys ;)
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  11. Any of you smoking "tuckians related to her?? LOL
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  12. Hahaha ... Now i may be alittle young for that one ;)
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  13. This is wildcat country for sure. The blood and the creeks run blue lol. Yeh man i agree meeting fellow 'tucks. I've met people on GC from all over the place but never before now from KY. I think that real kewl :smoke:
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  14. Its a honor :) :passing-joint:
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  15. Have you ever felt guilty for being alive? Many veterans and others in KY need your help right now. Support HB166. Please help us in any way you can!
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  16. Gonna buy me an airline ticket from Reno?
    LOL Mantis.gif
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