Kweli: Ear Drum

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  1. Talib has really stepped up his flow on this new CD, some really chill songs, great production... real hip hop music... if you can find it, check it out... or wait until it's released ;).
  2. its a dope CD, btw where are you from in upstate?
  3. An hour from Albany/Schenectady, coming from the south.
  4. around like new paltz and poughkeepsie? is the bud good around there, i might attend SUNY new paltz next fall.

    hahaha sorry to get off topic.
  5. I know people who are going to NP next semester (second semester?)... Yeah up near Woodstock and Kingston there's good bud if you look, Dunno about NP and Poughkeepsie but alot of the same weed around here, from Newburgh or whatever there's lots of good dank/homegrown. Even more so on the SUNY campus I bet.
  6. I saw him at Rock the Bells he was fire. It was crazy when he went onstage with DOOM and they did Old School.. real hip hop ftw.

    His new CD had me very impressed too.
  7. You went to Rock the Bells?

    Murs' stage must have killed.
  8. eardrum is the album of the year so far, talib came with the fire on this. If you liked this album you should definitely check out common's album finding forever its better than his last album BE in my opinion.
  9. I love Talib Kweli, but I haven't got the CD yet..

    Where did u guys find it? Bittorent?
  10. yeah, FELT was my 2nd favorite performance.. #1 was the Wu..

    I didn't get to see DOOM because they made his set the same as the Wu's! That's disrespectful man..

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