KushLattes #1 Grow: Platinum OG, Chocolate Hashberry

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    This is a Legal Prop 215 Grow
    1st time as well, so sit down and burn some dank with me on my exciting journey! [​IMG]
    Open to all suggestions as I'm always looking to improve

    Strain: Dark Heart Nursery - Chocolate Hashberry and Platinum OG (Strong, potent genetics from a trusted breeder)

    Light: Veg - 400w MH, Flower - 1000w Double Ended HPS
    Hydro Kit: Waterfarm - Extra 1/4" holes drilled
    Nutes: GH 3 Part for Veg, Lucas Formula after a week or so into flower
    Space: Closet (89"x 25"x 99")
    Air: 434 CFM Wind King 6", Phresh carbon filter

    2 Waterfarms, currently building DWC to house 2 more plants to put in there with the others. (had to take out the shelves and cut some exhaust holes today so I could expand my grow space and accomodate bigger lights to flower bigger buds [​IMG])

    Here they are as freshly transplanted rockwool based clones into the waterfarm. Choco Hash on the left, Platinum OG on the right. The closeups are of the chocohash clone definitely showing a lot more vigor right out of the gate. Don't worry about the 85 on the temp meter, I have since changed my setup (see below) for more airflow and now my room temperature sits around 75 with the lights on and barely any fan power.
    Photo Oct 04, 9 31 21 AM.jpg
    Photo Oct 04, 4 36 37 PM (1).jpg

    Also, a few pics of my current setup
    Photo Oct 18, 7 18 05 PM.jpg Photo Oct 18, 7 18 16 PM.jpg
    Photo Oct 19, 9 03 33 PM.jpg Photo Oct 19, 9 04 02 PM.jpg

    And a few of the girls from the start of transplant to week 3
    Photo Oct 04, 9 31 21 AM.jpg Photo Oct 04, 4 36 37 PM (1).jpg Photo Sep 30, 11 35 33 PM.jpg Photo Oct 18, 12 32 54 PM.jpg Photo Oct 18, 12 32 46 PM.jpg Photo Oct 18, 12 32 37 PM.jpg Photo Oct 21, 2 46 16 PM.jpg

    Kinda got them in weird shapes and since this is my first grow, my training style is...unconventional...I'd say. But I am getting some pretty cool results from it. Combination of supercropping, topping, fim and LST.

    The chocolate hashberry pretty much takes anything I throw at it. So I've got it pretty much growing like a sideways } "menorah" shape if you can imagine that.
    Photo Oct 21, 2 45 29 PM.jpg Photo Oct 21, 2 44 24 PM.jpg

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  2. Another week and a lot of new, strong, growth. They are in week 3 and are starting to fill out. I just changed the CHB's res from the half strength mix I was using and added protekt to my solution. PPMs sitting around 710 right now and I'm a little nervous but I'll be watching her I think she's really ready for the full mix of nutes now. I'll change the platinum OG tomorrow, she's drinking considerably less and ppm is stable at 350. I think she wants a few more days for stronger roots so I'll go up easy on her, I think 600 on the next change should be fine. I've got an airstone sitting in 2 gallons of water right now to let the chlorine evap.

    Here's a great side by side comparison of their growth in 6 days (since my last post update)

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  3. Lookin good so far, that platinum og sounds great!

    I love og strains!
  4. Mind if i pull up a chair?
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    Thank you! This OG took a little while to get goin, but I have been noticing it feeds heavily and is now chugging along quite nicely!
    Absolutely my man, good to have you along.

    Here's a quick update on the girls. I added another 400w light in the room as they were getting way to big to fit under one light without crowding. First shot is of them in the bathroom while I worked on my closet adding the new light. Second pic is how they look after a day after having adjusted to having their own personal suns now. I only had HPS bulbs in stock for the second light so I decided to just continue to veg with 1HPS and 1MH in the same closet. Kind of like a half assed dual spectrum haha. The Platinum OG is primarily under the MH now and loves it. 
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    Pic dump incoming, showing what happened in between my last 2 posts ^^^
    (haha sorry, got obsessed with building an rdwc to throw them in for flower)
    Week 4
    week6crowded.JPG Week6.JPG
    They really started to crowd in under that light, so I decided to add the second.

    This is what I'm working on having them in for flower in a few weeks. I'm getting there.

    Oh I forgot to mention that I'm not going to get the Double Ended for flower, after seeing how big my plants are getting under 400w each, I honestly don't think I'll even have the space to grow a plant that would maximize the strength of a DE bulb. So for now the new plan is one 400w light per plant/scrog all the way through the rest of this grow into harvest. It's my first grow, and on top of building the undercurrent system and scrog for the first time ever, I don't want to have to worry about fitting a DE fixture into the mix as well. Seriously these girls are getting so large I think getting a DE would just be greedy on so many levels.

    Also really considering just going with FloraNova Bloom for flowering. One part easy mix and dump and people seem to get great results with it. Any suggestions? I like to keep my nute regimen fairly simple, I like that it's the one of the things I don't have to overthink
  7. nice plants man
    Thanks man, tryna do my best as a first timer :)
  9. Quick shot of my lady with the girls today during their one hour of light in the 12/1 schedule ...OG in the back, sleeping :)
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    Finished building my 2 site undercurrent rdwc and have transferred the girls successfully from their waterfarms into their new 12 gallon totes. 4 Airstones in each tote and a 700gph pump on the 3/4" return line. So nice not to have to lift them up to check ppms or add nutes!!! Last week of veg for me here, I'll have the screen up tomorrow and post pics of that, judging by the shape of my canopy I'm thinking it's going to be somewhat of a V-shaped scrog for some of the lower growth in the middle.... Or should I just do a standard flat scrog screen over both? Any suggestions?

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  11. Standard SCROG imo.

  12. I'm literally cutting PVC pipe for the scrog frame as we speak so Chef, I'm going to blindly take your advice because you have WAY more grows under your belt than I do! I'm just worried about some of the lower growth on the sides and in the middle, do you think they will reach the screen?
  13. Got the screen on em today! Had to take apart my system and silicone the uniseals because of leaks, annoying but now my water pressure is running like it should. God I should have put the scrog on these earlier, as you can see from the pics, I'm going to have a LOT of trimming to do for the undergrowth, at least on the Chocolate Hashberry. These pics are before the screen and right after the screen went on
    IMG_4836.JPG IMG_4835.JPG
    IMG_4838.JPG IMG_4839.JPG
  14. Sexy. Subbed. SCROG.
  15. 2 days growth since screen. How far am I from flipping the lights? Not sure how long I need to let this screen fill for. The platinum OG on the right is probably going to stretch a lot after flip, chocolate hash on the left should stay nice and short
    IMG_0004.JPG IMG_0002.JPG
  16. Imo I would veg into that screen for a good couple of weeks more but I will ask my buddy letter to drop by, his scrog's are a thing of beauty.

  17. Thanks chef!

    Subbed up as well and i hope I can help!

    I would definitely fill in those screens a lot more.

    Also this is my personal opinion but if you plan on scrogging more plants in the future I'd cut back on the other training methods.

    My reasoning for this is that you want all of that vegetation to hit the screen as fast as possible. If you start training the branches to be low it'll just take that much more time for the screen to work its magic.

    Think of it this way... Your screen is a partner in your grow that will automatically lst every branch it touches. It does this as you force all the growing shoots to remain under the screen before you flower.

    Lets say you flipped to 12 12 today. You would end up with a stack shack. The screen would just be helping space things out rather than helping create more tops.

    Going to add some photos here in a min. I can't reply and add pics.... Stupid forum reader. Lol.
  18. Thanks for dropping by buddy :)
    OP has some decent strains going too, all of which I want to grow!

  19. Sorry for the super sized photo dump.

    Another great resource for scrogging is GoldGrower. I told him once I was stealing all his ideas and here I am now.

    So to start I let the clone grow straight up to the height of the screen.

    Once its there the screens grid is used to keep the tops and growing tips underneath it.

    After some time it starts to look like this.

    Little longer...




    Eventually the screen is filled up.

    And all that is just a single plant.

    You can see her side branches essentially all shoot straight up and then bush out from the screen. She was not topped and her branches did not get super cropped.

    I got to grab a few more photos...

    Anyhow its up to you how you use your screen space. Remember that when you flower the outside edges of the screen will grow slower than the section under the light.

    Since the purpose of the screen is to also help maintain an even canopy to maximize the effectiveness of your lighting. You will want to consider letting the edges grow through the screen on your first day of flower.

    Depending on how stretchy they are you'll keep the areas closet to the light underneath the screen for a few days. Iirc I let mine go 6 days underneath while the rest stretched through.

    During this time you can redirect the shoots to fill the screen better and space her out some to help from overcrowding.


    Hope that helps!
  20. Lastly lol... Sorry again...

    Sometime within the first 21 days or so you'll want to have all of the vegetation that's under the screen removed. This is lollipopping in a sense.


    I took these last night.

    I think that was day 17 of flower.
    She's pretty even across.

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