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Kushington's Grow Tent - Dinafem Roadrunner #2 Autoflower

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Kerbs, Apr 21, 2012.

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    Hey grasscity.

    To start off I'd like to point out that I only grow for medicinal use, and Id rather pick my own strains and grow them the way I want them grown. This is my first journal, although ive had a few successful grows this is the most professional non ghetto setup ive ever had and I really want to share it.

    The seeds:

    Two Dinafem Roadrunner #2's from the 3 pack I got

    The setup:

    2x2x4 Secret Jardin Grow Tent setup in my closet
    Massive 200w CFL for veg and a seperate 200w flowering version
    4" inline fan
    4" clip on fan
    4" oscalating fan
    Technaflora B.C nutrients package

    All my supplys are from my local hydro shop.

    I planted both germinated seeds in small starter pots today, on April 20th hahah

    Please stay tuned I'll have frequent updates and I would love to see everyones feedback on this grow. Happy 4/20, stay high :bongin:

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  2. Does anyone have any experience with this strain? I know its fairly new but im wondering if anyones grown it yet
  3. both seeds are almost an inch above soil, one of them popped the seed shell off and opened up its nice green leafs :) the other sprout is about the same height but still has the seed covering it
  4. One of my sprouts is in perfect health and looking great for only 3 days since I planted the seeds in the soil. The other sprout on the other hand, had its seed shell on for much longer and I kind of pryed it off today but it looks a little fucked up.. Its only the side leafs though, the new growth looks healthy and will hopefully catch up to her healthy sister soon

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  5. Both sprouts are looking nice, the faster grower is in perfect health and getting bigger. The slow one is slightly catching up.. nice new growth I just hope it speeds up.

    Also decided to germinate my remaining roadrunner #2 seed since I got a 3 pack. Mainly because one sprout seems slightly defected or something, plus I have the room for it anyways.

    I will post a picture update when its been a full week
  6. Took some pictures yesterday at the 1 week mark.

    I planted the latest germinated seed yesterday so its exactly 1 week behind the other ones, It looks kind of silly because its in a way bigger pot.. lol I thought I had more of the small ones but I was wrong.

    The other 2 are very healthy, the slow starter is still doing very well and looks fine. Im not sure why it took so much longer to get to this stage considering both were planted at the same time.

    Heres the pictures, enjoy and please subscribe because were just getting started

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  7. Lookin sexy, sub'd! :D
  8. thanks bud, stay tuned
  9. these bitches are looking better every day aha, the new seed I planted is slightly above soil. Hopefully it pops up a bit more by tomorrow.
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    These pictures were taken last night. This morning I watered them so we'll be seeing some more new growth soon.

    Their both looking incredible and the newest sprout is almost ready to get rid of the seed shell.

    Clearly one plant is way more ahead of the other even though they were planted at the same time.. but its ok their both perfectly healthy.

    My girlfriend named the bigger one Shirley and the smaller one Shrimp haha

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  11. hey looking really good. I'm sub'd! :hello:
  12. Just transplanted them into 3 gallon pots. Their looking really good, although the third sprout hasnt grown at all and I dont think its going to make it for some reason. Treated it just like the other ones but it wont grow, I guess the strain isnt too stable.

    The two are 15 days old and the little sprout is 8 days old..

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  13. Nice one, they're lookin good. What soil mix are you using?

  14. I'm actually using a very basic mix. Scott's all purpose mix with a lot of added perlite. It's just a 5 dollar bag of soil from home depot lol, it always does the trick.
  15. Day 19, a little update.

    The girls are both looking fantastic. For a little bit I was concerned how small they were even though they have really compact branching, but now they are slightly starting to stretch out a bit and hopefully it continues before flowering which should be very soon.

    Also kinda exciting news to me, ive decided to flower with a 150w hps. Some may think its weird to veg with higher wattage then flower since im vegging with a 200w cfl.. but a150w hps actually has more lumens than a 200w cfl, so it kind of cancels out the wattage difference because in reality its more light output. I hope my girls love it:hello:

    Today was a scheduled watering day, and I gave them their very first taste of nutrients. Their looking great already lol, I probably should have introduced nutes a little earlier considering they will be flowering soon, but its ok at least I got one veg feeding in.

    Picture update coming at 3 weeks :wave:
  16. I wish Id get more replies in this journal :(

    anyways, little bit of an update. Both girls are loving the nutes I gave them last night. The stronger one is now showing a bunch of white hairs, the flowering has begun aha. Shrimp is probly going to start in like a day or 2.

    Im getting my 150w hps in a few days, their going to love it
  17. Nice man lookin good so far..I'm subd
  18. Which nutes did you use? and what amount? If I may ask...
  19. hey dude its lookin pretty good shame about the 3rd sprout though :/ at least the other one recovered though :) get some new pics uploaded soon should be about 21 days by now right? bet they're looking great! subbed

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