Kush411's (cfl) Perpetual Micro Cab (12/12 from seed)

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by kush411, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Hey GC
    back with another micro grow
    this one is going to be a perpetual harvest, 12/12 from seed
    i had another thread going but due to space that i have in my house with the baby nd all i need all the room i have so im back in the micro section
    specs are 30" high, 11 1/2" deep and 30" wide
    im using cfls 4x 42w 2x 26w total of 220watts
    exuahst and intake are 6" desk fans
    temps are 71 in nd 74 out 48% hum
    everything organic
    ive got two plants going one about a month old nd the other 10 days old
    have not switched to 12/12 yet will do that when my clone gets rooted witch will be the start of my 12/12 from seed when i get some germ
    wont have more then 4 plants in at a time all diff ages so it will be perpetual
    just fed them today the oldest one 1tbs epsom salt/2tbs fish elm/1tbs molasses
    the younger one also got its first feeding today with 1tbs fish elm/1tbs of molasses
    almost forgot i also took a clone of the older plant witch has been in some peat for 2 days now, i hope it will show some roots in the next week or so
  2. good to have you along fg11
  3. Im pullin up a chair.
    Best of Luck.
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    quit update
    not much going on in the cab just some more growth
    they loved there last feeding,, and on another note im not very well with
    cloning so i ended up letting the peat pellet dry out way to much witch resulted
    to a very fried clipping, anyone know any other methods of cloning(have only grown in soil)???? Also germinating some seeds will switch to 12/12 once the seeds are germd nd in some soil!!!!





  5. any feed back??
  6. Do you have a humidity dome for the clones?
  7. Your main plant is looking good.
    How long you plan on vegging?
  8. Also, Why are you goin straight to 12/12?

    Ganja needs to reach sexual maturity before it can flower, which is about 5-7 weeks.
    If you put it on 12/12 from the start it will have to hit 5-7 weeks before it can flower anyways. But if you left it on 24/0 nyou will have a plant twice the size in the same time.

    My point is 12/12 from seed does not speed up the time in which you get bud, it cuts down on electricity(not much) and cuts down on bud(much).

    I might not have said all that probably, but you know what i mean?
  9. yea i understand ya
    i have grown in this cab before n got 20g vegged the plant for more then 30days
    its really just to see how much i can yield, nd also this way i can do a perpetual harvest with one cab, if i get 7 to 10 grams per plant ill be happy with that
  10. Kush411, Do you use a humidity dome for your seedlings?
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    Subbed, Looks great keep up the good work .

    If anything the one pics they look a little thirsty and hungry for some nutes...Just remember Small feedings once a week and yield will increase

    Also try miracle grow water crystals... Don't over do the crystals tho its messes with root development
  12. skurfy007- i have fed the oldest one at least 3 times now nd the littlest just got her first feeding,, whats the of the water crystals n thanks for the sub

    pogmohoin- no humidity dome for my seedlings or clone i had one but took up too much room in the cab, witch i think is why my clone keep drying out so fast
  13. small update i transplanted both of the plants the oldest into her last pot nd the smaller one will be transplanted once more in ah few weeks
  14. You can use Saran wrap/ Cling film, not sure what ye call it over there, use chopsticks or something and wrap it around them.
  15. You will notice a great increase in size.
    Are you letting the soil dry out much?
  16. i let them dry pretty much all the way out before i water again
  17. also 7 out of 10 seeds has shown tap roots so tomorrow i will be putting them in some soil, might do ah pic update then

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