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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by homegrowntwinki, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Am I the only one who doesn't enjoy Kush strains?
    I dislike full on indica varietys. I think smoking bud shouldn't make me pass out, I think it should make me laugh a helluva lot, and sort of give me a trippy high. In my mind, that's what a high should be. not make me sleepy. If I wanna sleep, I'll take some Nyquil.
    anyone else with me?
  2. Yah i'm not a huge fan of kush. Maybe just because everyone else is. I do like purple kush though
  3. I love all bud. Sativa, indica, hybrids... It's all good. Love Kush, especially GDP and OG Kush! :hello:
  4. i had some master kush the other day. it was the 1st time i got kush that i knew for a fact was actually kush, knocked me on my ass
  5. all kush is not 100% indica... og kush is 60% sativa brah
  6. You're trippin son. Top shelf Kushs (Platinum, OG, and all those crazy star wars varieties) are some of the few strands that can get someone with a high tolerance like myself really high. Now, if this was an argument against purps I might agree.
  7. Kushs are good but I like sativa/sativadoms with head highs more. You should try a haze, trainwreck, sour diesel, c-99, very nice head highs.
  8. Love da kush!!!

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  9. #9 fadeddd, Aug 1, 2011
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    I'm obviously a pretty big fan of kush, have been ever since I tried it. Good OGs can be euphoric and heady too, but usually they get pretty heavy after the first 30 minutes or an hour. Depends on the OG though. I just like kush because I'm rarely disappointed by it (almost always has long legs on it and some potency), there's definitely other strains that are just as amazing, just in different ways. I really like Sour D, ChemDawg, pre-98 bubbas, afgoo and Ak-47.

    Another reason a lot of people like kush is because there's like a million flavor, smell, and high combinations just in the kush family now.
  10. No. OG kush is indica dominant and typically has more indica than most kushes. Kush is already a hybrid with slightly more indica.
  11. #11 superdank123, Aug 1, 2011
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    OG Kush = Sativa Dominant it is a cross of three strains and has no actual kush in
    OG Stands for Ocean Grown not Organically grown or Original Gangster.....

    Genetics= Lemon Thai cross Chemdawg and Afghani.....No kush it was created by a grower named Chem dawg and is a clone only strain it was a high altitude plant that was brought down and grown at ocean level (nor cal Mendo Coast) and dubbed the name Ocean Grown Kush A.K.A OG kush.

    THis is a very hard to get the original genetics as it is kept under lock and key by its growers to keep its value and purity high.....
  12. #12 Dankdogg, Aug 1, 2011
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    yeh same here they aren't my favorite because they always make me pass out and get suppppperrrrr tired.. I'm going to smoke a bowl of some kush nonetheless right now though. :)

    Oh and if i smoke too much it just makes me clumsy and my mouth gets really dry, so it's not imo good stuff to smoke while you're out in public, lol.
  13. I'm not debating on whether or not Kush can get you really fuckin' stoned.
    It can.
    but it's not the high I like.
    It makes me really heavy, tired, dried mouth, hungry as fuck(I like keeping my figure) and makes me sit.
    I like being up, active, out and about when I'm stoned.
  14. I've got some kush right now and i'm stoned off a .3 bowl.

    It taste like a mixture of bubble gum and cotton candy

    How could you NOT like Kush?
  15. Then try sativas there are full on sativa kushes too but unless you grow or live in a mmj it might be hard to get your hands on some.
  16. kush is some of the best smoke nothing like some good bubba or og and theres hella different OGs now its hard to chose sometimes
  17. I should've restated, I dislike a LOT of kush's
    there are some that I enjoy.
    OG Kush, and Purple Kush are good strains.
    and yes, OG Kush is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid, that's why I enjoy it.
    But a good Majority of Kush's are Indica dominant, if not full indica.
  18. I prefer Kush a lot over, a lot of strains that are Sativa dominate. I love that body high over everything else.
  19. i actually got sick of kush. smoked it exclusively for almost 5 years. every flavour too. now i'm into these more exotic strains ive been seeing. i had a kush craving and got cause how can you say know to weed that looks like that hindu? but i just turned up 3 new types of kush and opted to get some pineapple chunk and chemdawg last night. pics to be taken today.
  20. Well i was reasing high times and theirs a new Justin beiber kush called JB Kush. Fucking ridiculous

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