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Kush vs Sour diesel

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 420dopeaf, Aug 3, 2012.

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    title says all.. but which do you prefer and why ? I personally prefer sour d over kush. in nyc theres alotta sour d and i thought after a while id get tired of smoking it but hell no it gets better and better each time i light it . the lastime i smoked kush i was high but not as high as i usually am with dour :smoke:

    EDIT: Buba kush vs Sour d
  2. There is not just one kush strain.

  3. but im just talking about Kush regular kush.
  4. Well Sour D is more sativa so that's my choice between the two. But that's more because I like to do things while high.

    But if I'm at home an Indica is where it's at.

  5. lol that indica sloth-like high is just so boring to me unless your watching a cool tv show or movie

  6. haha yea that's why I don't mind it at home, but any other time I'm a sativa man. Don't really have a choice though
  7. I like the getting high aspect of both strains... Dont have too much history with either to be able to notice any significant differences tho.

  8. yeah there both really good strains, and provide really good highs.
  9. Kush, bush, tush.... It's all good!

  10. lmao

    As for me, I've known Kush longer but Sour Diesel is amazing.
    So Sour it is.
  11. East side sour d represent!!!
  12. I don't feel high if I don't have a strong Indica - full out body buzzing high, dunno why. I'm going to have to go with kush.

    The best Indica I've ever had was some kind bud called "Red Rhino". Only one time have I ever heard the name used before. The bud was covered in red hairs, very hydrated and sticky, and incredibly potent and stinky long after it was even smoked. I remember my body buzzing like the feeling you get on a car ride, times 10. My mind had trouble even processing thoughts, like I had the delayed short term memory effect very intensely, and I was just incredibly overwhelmed and nearly to the point of confusion. The only thing that has come close to that effect regardless of amounts smoked, was a very potent Purple Haze pick up mixed with a stash of random dro grows and korn, which is usually only mids at best. The combination of it all brought the high close to comparison with the infamous Red Rhino, but the legend still wears the crown.
  13. Day, active, staying awake, having fun, exploring, creativeness: SD
    Before sleep, chilling out, relaxing, slight couch-lock: Kush
  14. Kush really isn't a strain unless you're talking about straight out of india or afganistan,

    Do you mean OG Kush? Bubba Kush? Master Kush? There's a big difference between OG Kush and bubba/master.
  15. He's talking about pure, normal kush (indica, not a hybrid or a sativa like ogkush).
  16. So he's talking about bubba, master, hindu. Not just 'kush'. And I'd be willing to bet his dealer just uses kush as a term not a strain, probably describing one of those 3 I listed, although there are more. There's not really a just 'kush' strain, I mean there is but that's not what he's getting that is old natural india/afganistan.
  17. I'd have to say lately kush I just wanna veg!
  18. lol :::
  19. Apples and oranges

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