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Kush vs Purp (general)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DaReALdUTchMaZ, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Wht do u prefer
  2. Dear god.
  3. I prefer my kush to be purple and I like it when my purps are kushy.
  4. purp. i love the way that shit knocks me out.
  5. Kush....way more selection and you can basically find a kush for any ailment. If I want to be knocked or creative as hell...kush.

    But I do love some GDP, etc to knock me out on some nights
  6. i dont really care for purp to much so i guess kush,but i prefer sativa's over all.
  7. Can someone explain their high from GDP. Most people say it will knock one out, but I feel the effects are similar to what is stated below...

    "The high is very calm and light but not so light that it doesn’t help with anything. This indica is a perfect medicinal pain reliever instead of feeling just numb like other heavy indicas it simply just makes things stop hurting and its perfect for headaches. This strain is perfect for anytime of day because while it does make you extremely relaxed it leaves you very clear headed."

    Just curious about others and their effects.
  8. people always make the assumption that purple bud is more potent than regular bud. All it is is the plant getting shocked during its grow cycle (being put in cold weather for a few hours) some strains varie in their genetics to grow a more purple buds and leaves. Its kinda sad cause purple buds tend to go for more money around wehre im at (NY).

    As far as what would I prefer, kush all the way. But dont get me wrong classic GDP is another one of my favorite.

    If I had to choose my favorite buds is in order kush, GDP, and dour.

  9. I get GDP from my dispensary every time I go. They have an organic version of it that is real cheap, so I always make sure to get a couple grams. I've vaped it, put it in edibles and have just smoked it.

    (For me) GDP makes things mellow, more relaxed. I'm less anxious about time and social interactions. It's great for stretching or exercise as I've noticed it really creates an awareness of muscles. Nothing better than smoking some GDP, doing some yoga and then doing some sort of chore like painting the windowsill or doing the budget once it starts to fade. I have to smoke a lot of GDP to get stoned, so I usually keep this one to share with my fellow peers when they come by. They always love it cuz it tastes damn good.


    Anyways, I love purps. I got this great strain called Wheelchair once and that shit knocked me out. I've never gotten a Kush like that. Even if, technically, purps shouldn't matter or kushs are suppose to be better... I think when it comes from buying from dispensaries, the purps will always be better than the kushs just because Kush is slapped on to so many strains and sometimes it doesn't even accurately describe the strain. Kush is hit and miss here, Purps are a shure thing.
  10. Kush because you dont know if the purp was grown right

  11. I found the opposite
  12. Perp all the way
  13. Purps are never a sure thing wtf? If anything you're more likely to get tricked with purp then anything as you can turn non purp buds, purp. And if you're buying street weed you honestly don't know wtf you're getting anyway.

    It's all how it's grown / genetics period. You can find a kush that will beat the shit out of a purp and a purp that will beat the shit out of a kush. It depends on what you want, and the bud itself. The strain matters but if it's not grown right then it's pointless.

    GDP knocks me out, point blank period. I'll get a body stone for like 30 minutes then I'm off too bed. I never smoke gdp during the day.

    Kush > Purp
  14. Purp breeds are pretty great, and I hate how everybody thinks Kush is the best thing ever. So purp for sure. Purple Haze to be specific.
  15. Shouldve made a poll, but id have to say which ever was grown better, I really dont care what my weed is I just care if im gonna get high haha
  16. #18 Area 11, Jun 29, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 29, 2011
    Theres no difference in the high for me, Also, over here names mean nothing because dealers just slap on some shit they think fits. IDC what you call it, just give me a bag of dank weed.

    Kush around here... the highschool kids think its a rate of quality, same with 'Dro' and 'Medical', like it really means something.
  17. Purp is great. But kush just has that stench to it when you know its actual kush. If anyone ever goes out towards la or oceanside get some CHARLIE SHEEN OG.
  18. Both, i actually just picked up purp yesterday and i'm getting more today to.

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