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Kush Varities!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by THCaleb, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Hmm, where to begin lol... Here's some amazing Kush Strains!!!

    Mango Kush (buds I got seeds from)

    Hindu Kush (got like 2 seeds)

    Critical Kush

    Super Kush!!!

    OG Kush
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  2. I have grown Afghan Kush and OO Kush in the past and loved them.
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  3. Man I haven't had some Afghan Kush in a long time. I remember tryin it some years back and it is fantastic! Some Afghani Widow did come thru a couple months ago tho, it was pretty fire
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  4. Love me some Hindu Kush!
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  5. 00 Kush was in my 1st grow before I knew squat. I loved it, and I still know squat, so I planted another..LMAO!
    BTW: Great smoke and great yield too:)
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  6. Man that sounds super fire, imma have to look up that 00 Kush
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  7. It'll always be one of my favorites, I remember I was like whaaat Hindu monks be smokin down??? Lol
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  8. Love me some master, OG and Bubba kush.
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  9. Ahhh Master Kush was the very first medical strain I was introduced to, fell straight in love lol
  10. I got to thinking the last time I technically smoked some good Afghan Kush was earlier this year with some FIRE Purple Afghan Kush lol here's a couple pics of it...
    Purple Afghan Kush.jpg
    Inside Purple Afghan Kush.jpg
    It quickly became one of my favorites!
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  11. I recently tried critical kush. Wow. That's some good stuff. I also had a seed fall out of it. Exciting!

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  12. Awesome! Let's hope it's a female!
  13. Yea. I don't know anything about growing, but I do know that much. I also have a seed that popped out of some Gorilla Glue. I'm holding on to them until the time is right.
  14. GG#4 is known to produce Hermies and usually is a clone only plant..I have seen Plain GG fem seeds as well as autos though. GG#4 is a fav of mine too!:)
  15. I always try to pick some up when it comes through. It felt like Christmas when the seed popped out. When the time is right, I'm going to try my hand at a little grow. If I could ask one question for now: is there a way to tell fem/auto etc by the look and characteristics of the seed?
  16. Sorry, nope..I did see a vid about sexing seeds though..something about a crater in the seed meaning a fem, but ..????
    I do have some Gorilla Wreck#4 seeds and stash from the last grow.(GG#4 x Cookie Wreck) growing again..fabulous strain, and am growing another!
    This was a portion of the GW#4 harvest..:) Mucho Sticky !!
    Gorilla Wreck#4.jpg
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  17. Ah, I didn't think so. So, we'll see what happens. Thanks.

    ^^^^That looks delicious.
  18. Hell yeah don't jump right in like I did lol although it's fine... I just had to do A WHOLE LOT of research while my plant was growing and fixing problems at the last minute cuz sometimes it would take forever to find what a problem was if there was one... I'm alright now tho lol
  19. What you want us to send it thru the mail lol?!?!? JK, bud is every where mayne if your talkin to someone that looks like they smoke, which almost everyone does now, just casually ask em and there ya go lol. Unless Alabama is dry as fuck lol but I highly doubt that
  20. Dude I actually planted one of the seeds I got from that Hindu Kush and found out it got some good Afghani genetics too. I knew there was somethin about how much hair the buds had, and it had a sweet hash smell to it. Sorry lol I really am tryin to get good at identifying strains and genetics.
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