kush? vancouver bc growers?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ss396, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. if your from vancouver then youve heard of the high reguarded kush strain thats been going for like 2800/lbs , well according to my brother his friend grew a crop that was polinated by accident... and so we have about 80 dark seeds.... im gunna grow about 20 seedlings , weed out the undesirable and the males.... grow them for about 2 months under floros to a nice bush ... and then just make them all into clones.... my goal is outdoor to have a aminimum of 250 clones going in variuous outdoor spots this year.

    does any vancouverites know the flowering time of this strain??? i heard its a low yeilding but potent plant... my goal is 5 lbs dried... im shootin low....

    im thikning with 25 plants per spot should yeild almost a pound per spot provided that its not stolen , infested... i did outdoor once with an unknown strain , made a million clones and they all flowered about 4 weeks before mold set in... i assume moststrains are 8 weeks , so when we i crop out here in bc?...

    any tips or suggestions on how to yeild the most of avoid mold would help! thanks

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