kush strains that don't smell

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hamsamich, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. i know that Vanilla kush doesn't smell while it's growing, L. a confidental smells though. Anyone know of any other good kush strains that don't smell?
  2. My auto afghan kush's did not smell
  3. Master kush is light when you grow it outdoor
  4. To be honest though I never have noticed any smell having a carbon scrubber and a bottle of ona gel crystals.
  5. Yea I'm talking about no smell without the carbon scrubber or ona gel.
  6. Seems like every plant that I've been around while its in flowering smells, some just have different kinds of scents. Most kushes smell piney and like fuel, berries and purples smell fuity. Hazes smell spicy and funky, sometimes like beefjerky.
  7. Man i got some Og that doesnt smell much like dank at all...it has that grassy smell. I let it go 10 wks of flower. It never smelled too strong to begin with, but it def had that piney/spicy smell throughout flower... I got these clones from a dispensary in LA and it was just labeled OG Kush...Looks like Kush...I hear everyone saying that the smell will come back once i start curing them, so i certainly hope thats the case! 14wks of hard work for nuthin?? I hope not!
  8. I am growing 5 master kush now, and very little smell and they are in 6th week of flowering, maybe 5 weeks? I mess up when I first started flowering so not sure exactly, okay look at calendar, should be in 7the week! Yet the smell isn't bad and the plants should of been more finishing then what they are, I did cut one today, so its drying now, thinking about trying to cure with dry ice on this plant. Any one do dry ice curing?

    yet the smell is very manageable!

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