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    So I've been looking for a new tube in the past week and I went to all the local glass shops in Eugene and none of them carry anything that really caught my eye. But I was looking online at this company called Kush Scientific out of Chico California, which is a pretty new company, but I just wanted to get some opinions before I dropped like 650$ on one of their puckolators. I would prefer to buy an SG King Stem etc but I just doubt I will be able to procure one in the next month because they just fly like hotcakes whenever they come out online and all the local shops literrally have zero sg glass.

    Anyways does anyone have one of their pieces? Is the extra cash worth it or should I wait till steve pops out a few more pieces.

    Cheers, Drew

    Edit: heres a picture of the piece so you dont have to look on their site etc..

  2. Is it just me, or does the glass look a little thin in some areas?

  3. Hmm here is the specs for this particular piece

    I guess some parts are 44x4mm so I believe it is a little thinner on certain parts. It isn't something I was worried about since I take exceptional care of every piece I own never had a ding/scratch/drop on any of the pieces I've owned.

    Cept one time I dropped my 50$ HiSi bowl piece (which is a ridiculous price) and it landed funny on my bottle opener and it broke :(

    But ya back on topic 44x4mm is that uncommon for most pieces of this quality?
  4. Does look a little thin but if you take good care of your pieces then it shouldn't be a problem. Love everything about it besides the white at the top
  5. Dude that piece looks beautiful, i would feel like i have deep wallets just smoking this thing. I would personally buy it but it's all personal choice, go with what your heart tells you but don't regret your spend.
  6. Oh I am in love with the visual aesthetic of the piece that part doesn't really concern me at all. I've never smoked out of anything with a puckolator perc so I have no idea whether the 168 holes of diffusion is just some unnecessary addition that is meant to entice buyers into throwing extra cash at a piece of glass. I know all the holes obviously aren't going to fire at once but I always get skeptical that the additional holes don't really add much to the hit. I basically don't want to pay through the teeth for a perc that isn't optimizing the diffusion.

    Has anyone actually smoked from one of these percs? Because for this price tag I want something that can at least compete with an SG King Stem since I am going to be dishing out a considerable amount more than a SG KS would cost me.
  7. That's the one I've been drooling over. I don't think the 44x4 is anything to be concerned with. Toro uses 44x4 mouthpieces on their line. I think sg uses 38x4 on his stem/8. If you get it please give us a review.
  8. Sg kingstem for sale on aqua. Snag now my friend snag now
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    Hehe I know I said I would jump on a kingstem but I'm not gonna be to hasty with my decision. Im looking to spend 500+ so the puckolator or stem8 are really the only two im interested in :)
  10. Kush Scientific is definitely worth the money. New company out of Chico doing it real well, they've got some of the best names in the game behind the company. expect to see great things from them in the future.

    I wouldn't hesitate to purchase that puckline, it is without a doubt a quality piece.

    Enjoy it brotha :smoke:
  11. dude, filtation wise...that piece has like 400 holes, I would like to another piece with that many:p And they are constructed well I believe, I would def go with it:p
  12. Ya after a fair amount of research I've decided the numerous holes may not help with diffusion because only the first few rows will fire but because the piece is so large they seem to help considerably with how much drag you are getting on pulls. Anyways I basically talked myself into the puckline and now all I have to do is wait for my next pay check :)

    I will set up pic + videos + a review once I get the piece in my possession. Now the only thing I am curious about is if I should buy an ash catcher for it (I guess it all depends on the levels of drag and what not so I'll wait and see).
  13. personally I think the AC would be overkill. you already have a shitload of diffusion in the piece. save what flavor you have left.
  14. king stem up on agua lab

  15. someone already has said this. And he's looking for a double chamber anyways
  16. excuse me, i didnt read all the replies. cause i wantedto post quickly so he would actually have a shot at getting it. sorry for trying to help a guy out instead of dilly dallying before replying.
  17. Relax boys o,o

    on a side note I just learned one my friends smoked out of one of these and he said they are incredibly hard to clean compared to pieces of comparable prices. Might just wait for a stem8 to appear ;(
  18. never ripped a puckolator, but my buddy's puck line stacks like mad, no drag. VERY comparable to a sov

  19. Well 650 for a 4mil sounds a little steep to me. Around where I live you can find 7 and 9 mils at a shop in that price range. Otherwise it does look to be of a high quality piece.
  20. I'm fucking with it. Nice tabletop piece. What's the sticker price?

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