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  1. Hey guys! This is my first grow and it's been doing pretty fuckin sweet. Honestly I'm a big burn out and can remember if I started flowering.... I know right. It's been anywhere from a month to a month and a half. Lol I'm definitely grabbing a Calender next time. I'll post some pics to see what you guys think! Thanks
  2. And how the hell do I upload photos???:smoking:
  3. What exactly is the problem? You can't remember if you switched to 12/12?
  4. Lol I've been on 12/12 anywhere from a month to a month and a half. Wondering when I should start flushing. But I can't fisure out how to attach the pics
  5. OK, so it has been flowering for 1 to 1 1/2 months, gotcha. Grab yourself a 60x microscope and check your trichomes along with overall appearance of the plant. When you figure out when you're going to chop her, stop feeding your plant 2 weeks prior to harvest, and water regularly with plain ole water. There really is no need to dump gallons of water at once.
  6. That's what I've read. And man. You have no idea how hard it is to find one of Those little Scopes! Not at Walmart, zellers, or anywhere I've looked. Any suggestions where else I can grab one? And did the pictures I add work?

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  7. buy them from local head shops
  8. I bought mine for $15 off ebay
  9. Try RadioShack
  10. i got mine at radioshack for 12 bucks works great
  11. Amazon 5 bucks
  12. Thanks guys! And Merry Christmas! I ordered my scope for 30 bucks it looks pretty intense lol
  13. forget the scope, just try to get the camera closer. its much easier to inspect the trichomes on a photo anyways. Id probably start flushing in about 10 days, looks like its got 3-4 weeks left until harvest. sure looks yummy ;)
  14. That's what I was thinkin! This will be my last week ferting then straight water from then on. What do you guys think about molasses?

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