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KUSH Pick up, Straight up Frosty. (MACROS)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by neff, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Its like a wonderland of trichs on this kush I just picked up 20 a g, 50 for 3.

    Goood ass shit, got me blazed for hours!



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  2. fuckin frosty
  3. dam man thats some frosty ass bud. but what kind of kush is it?
  4. Holy dankness thats beautiful send some of that my way
  5. My oh my. That's iced out. Nice buds.
  6. No clue what Kush it is, my boy just said Kush straight up.

    shits insane. and thanks all
  7. mmm. looks like the og i just ran out of..kind of. dankness
  8. i love kush...even the leafs on kush produce massive amounts of thc
  9. Straightup Frosty

  10. could not agree more! (title)
  11. oh wow. Didnt notice.

    Anyways, nice bud
  12. That shit is straight up frosty..... LOVE IT


  13. shit gives u an intense head rush and a high that lasts for hours
  14. sick pickup wish i had some frosty kush

  15. Was actually my first time smoking Kush (that I knew of). I have to say it was a good first time for this kind of bud :). There was actually no really taste to it either.
  16. That bud is too good for you, give it here.
  17. Looks delicious but $50 of 3 grams is pretty ridiculous. $60 1/8th...?
  18. Very nice. Always a favorite of mine, the Kush strains.
  19. Wow, Plus
  20. This is the kind of dank that snowmen puff on. Good pickup, dude.

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