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KUSH , outdoor Master Kush , & Piff

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bostondutchmast, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. ok so i got 2 lbs for 7000 on the cuff of this outdoor master kush

    then i got an ounce of kush for 400 and an eighth of piff for 65

    first pics are of the outdoor master kush and a blunt of it
    this bud was nothing special it smelt and tasted kind of hashy not very kush tasting but i got it for cheap so theres no complaints





    this was really nice very kush tasting pungent and a very nice narcotic stone. really burns the nose on the exhale but i like it :D



    Piff (whats left of it)
    obv its fire this was one of the types of piff my guy was smoking on and i chose this



  2. damn bro your always pickin up weight. Must be hard to smoke all of it ;)

    I was so happy when i saw the MKoutdoor because my friend is growing that right now, prolly wont look as good as that but im still stoked.

  3. it was hard but i smoked it all :D now i have about 20 gs left of kush and a blunt left of piff.

    i too also grew the nirvana master kush outdoors about 3 years ago until a rain storm killed them.
  4. DAMN!!! Left me speechless for a second there, great looking bud.
  5. that piff looks amazing
  6. steller buds my man and damn the price is right.
  7. 2 lbs for 700 is a god damn steal man. Nice pickup. Envy is running through my veins and making me want to shake my computer.
  8. I got fucked up just looking at it ..... brought back some good flash backs.:smoking:
  9. lets see the 2 lbs the post a picture, the kush looks bomb
  10. my god you get a new pickup every single week and its not a gram or two but damn pounds hah, always look good though.:hello:
  11. dam u got it haha wanna be my best friend?
  12. awesome shit dude rocks for 2lbs for 7K

  13. damn man thats too bad. woulda had you high for days
  14. i think i had 3 zips left when i took the pics...i got it on saturday night...and i wouldnt post a pictujre of all of it.
  15. Beautiful nugs man. Besides the outdoor, what other kind of kush did you get?

  16. he just said kush...he gets lots of types of kush. i have had og kush, presidential og kush, triangle kush or something , and my favorite was just some stuff he said was pure kush. when i deal with his partner i can get all types of piff and he goes in depth about each strain but when i go to my guy hes mainly concern abotu denero and to him its either good or its not ...he says theres no need for a name but i beg to differ
  17. Nice pickup man!! Crucial looking' bud and for a little for than $215 a zip WHATT!!!! :hello:

  18. yup...buying bulk is a great thing
  19. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $$$ spend it wisely, damn

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