kush is my cologne and its stupid strong

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  1. kush bro.....strong dro
    what i need cologne for
    they try send me to rehab
    but i said no no i wont go
    damn its really loud
    smellin like a whole pound
    bubble kush for breakfast
    wit my captain crunch
    i smoke 10 blunts for lunch
    dont it sound like it too much????
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  2. If you're a girl your supposed to be wearing perfume.

  3. ok so u posted gucci mane lyrics.... now what?
  4. yes i did thats my shiiiiiiit son
  5. it is a very good song, lol i actually have it on my myspace.
  6. someone please just ban op.
  7. wow u need to get banned seriously


    no one likes you because you alternate between caps and lowercase letters in ur name
  8. Too bad Gucci Mane sucks dick....
  9. qft :eek:
  10. Radric Davis sucks.

  11. both of those.
  12. lengthening my message to atleast 5 characters.

  13. I HATE WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT!!!:hello:
  14. Usually you continue the lyrics where I'm from, but i don't think topics like that are allowed here.
  15. .....I am now complete after viewing this thread.

    Thank you all.

    *Steps into nether regions*
  16. Meh the song is pretty decent.
  17. holy shit! i love this song by gucci mane! its so trippy when your high and makes you feel awesome

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