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kush,haze,skunk ? whats the diff O_o?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bud E Josh, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Just wanted to know what are the diff. between these 3 ? are they better than each other ? more $$ or are they the same ? just tell me YO ?!?! :D
  2. different strains - different ratios of cannabinoids and flavour chemicals - different taste, smell, appearance and high
  3. it all depends man even the same strain with dif growers could be different quality. just get a good eye for dank and try some out :)
  4. Kush is like "uuggghhh" all heavy and shit
    haze is like "woooooaaah" in your brainski
    and skunk is like "dude did you hotbox your shirt?" "nah i got my shit in a jar"

    Jusk kidding, kush and haze are two varieties of strains at opposite ends of the spectrum, and Skunk is a specific strain. That smells like an animals defense mechanism

  5. it smells beautiful
  6. Oh I know bro, it takes me quite some time to decide whether or not I wanna roll up the window when I smell skunk lol, gotta do a double take
  7. TY for the info dudes hoping on getting more peeps :hello:
  8. in saint louis

    we just have "kine bud" which means no seeds and we have no name strains :/ ahaha occasionally youll get a name though
  9. For the sake of a clear answer:

    Kush - indica or indica dominant weed
    Skunk - sativa or sativa dominant weed

    Haze is just a sativa dominant strain made in the 70s and became a parent of several later strains, mostly sativa dominant

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