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  1. Hey all. I apologize if this is in the wrong area, if so, mods please move. Seemed most appropriate section.

    I am finally going to order some new seeds and would like to have Kush and Diesel strains going. Possibly a skunk #1 also. I plan to order from Attitude and I must say, its hard to decide due to so many crosses and seed "manufactures" (i.e. Barneys, DNA, etc).

    Can anyone recommend some options based on those 3 types of strains from Attitude? I see discussions regarding Reserva Privada OG Kush #18 Feminized, so am considering that seed. Money is not a concern, just looking for some terrific strains to mother.


  2. hey man id deff pick up the reserva privada og kush or the og kush #18, i ordered some myself, but anyway, ive seen some grow journals for the og and i gotta say its some serious dank, deff gonna be a worthwhile investment, hopefully this helps:wave:
  3. Nice, that one is a definite then. Now need to find a good diesel strain.
  4. i got the solution to your diesel desires my friend, next generation ny purple diesel should be a good choice:D
  5. yea man, next generation seeds is a very reputable seed company, i hear A LOT of good things about their genetics, im lookin into their purple diesel and the romulan, anywho, when do you plan on placing your order? just an FYI attitude will be having a promotion from June 4-7 where you get 7 freebies when you place an order over 20 british pounds, thought you might be interested:)
  6. Well I was planning on ordering shortly, but someone just changed my mine :wave:

    Thanks for that additional good info, I can definitely wait, and who doesn't love freebies!!
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    get Soma's NYC Diesel

    get Your Skunk #1 from Sensi Seeds

    other then that, hit the Priv Res. OGK for your Kush selection, I guess ( seems to be the flavor of the month, which those two above are not .. they are tried and true.) there are too EFFIN many Kush crosses, and flavors of "Kush" ..it is worse then all the Trainwreck crosses ...

    the OGK, and OGK #18 is only available in feminized ( no males) BTW

    peace and hope that helps...

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