kush bagseed 250hps..second soil grow

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  1. using a hydrofarm 250hps on 5 little plants. two of them are bagseed from some afghani kush x silver pearl...easily the best herb i've ever come across, others are some random seeds.

    plants are about 2 weeks old and were started under 2 42w spiral flos and then basically stopped growing after a week or so maybe(really dont remember so well) and then i finally used my brain a little and transplanted and when i was transplanting i checked the roots...sure enough theyd hit the bottom of the cup and were preventing anymore growth but they're lookin alot better now. (still actually have 3 out of the 5 to transplant but the other 2 look great already) overall id say they're 2 weeks old, tops.

    pics to come later today

    ok heres pics

    -all 5 of em
    -the lone kush
    -the runt...pic didnt come out so good but its got serrated leaves and all its just tiny as all hell...kinda wierd but im gonna keep it goin as long as i can just for kicks and giggles

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  2. update from today....doing amazingly better, never gonna be so lazy about transplanting again

    first pic is the kush, second is the other big one...pretty happy with how close the nodes are now, kush has i think 3 sets of serrated on it now

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  3. Hey man looks good. Are u planning to LST them? If so i would start soon.
  4. yea i def. am..you really think its almost ready to start on that?
  5. Can't wait to see the finished product ;)
  6. damn man, that kush plant is growing fast!
  7. kush is the bigger plant shown in pics 2 and 3

    lst was started day before yesterday with some paper clips bent in a U shape holding down the plants

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  8. -all the kids
    -the runt (i think i may have given this guy some of the weak nute water i made for the lst'd plant)
    -the kush that was lst'd and then up when the tard plants top started growing downward for wahtever reason ( good time to top it maybe?)

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  9. these are all of the one i sucessfully lst'd (praying its female now) unfortuneatly due to my august move out date im only going to be able to continue vegging till the end of may

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  10. one of the roomates went home for summer so his room is now avaible for whatever...grow is moving into either the closet or bathroom. not sure which yet although im thinking bathroom since it has an ac vent and an exahust fan

    the bedroom is gonna be a chill/smoke room, puttin a tv and xbox and ps2 in it later

    edit:stoned ass forget to attach the pics (2/3 without fucking up isnt bad though)

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  11. nice appartment ;) and some good lookin plants +rep
  12. its been a rough life for these ladies...two weeks of only 3 like 60 watt floros thanks to inspections, another 3 day move where they still got their hps but they've made it decent enough. their end is gonna be in about 3 weeks thanks to an early move out date. freakin aye. oh well.

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  13. Nice!!! Did you put the HPS 250 watts HPS light since days one? I will start my first grow soon with a 250 watts HPS. Do you had some heat problem with it?

    I really like the buds of your plants! :)

  14. holy jesus, I wish you could send me seeds discreetly, those things look GREAT!
  15. started with some spiral floros until about a week old and then came the hps, no real heat problems since it was a good size closet and i was able to keep the door cracked
  16. What size is your closet? No ventilation at all except the door a little opened? :smoking:

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