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Kush ass pick up in N. Fla

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by blowd, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. No idea what it is but by far the best shit i've seen around the Tallahassee area. If it looks familiar or you know what it is let me know!
  2. Nice pickup man, looks yummy.:bongin:
  3. Nice grab looks killer. but wtf is a "kush ass pick up" kush isnt an adjective
  4. lol..
    ol' kush ass craka
  5. looks like some low grade OG from Cali

    lol @ kush ass
  6. kush = not an adj.

  7. Kush-ass bitch.
  8. mannn, i oughta kush the fuck outa you!:wave::eek:
  9. then what does high grade OG look like??
  10. Looks like some good buds bro. nice pick up. enjoy that smoke :D
  11. Niceeee Kush! Picked up some myself today.

    Will post pics later
  12. Looks like some fire.

  13. hahah yo you fucking kush ass looking clown. i loled. but yeah man kinda looks like some sweet tooth i got awhile back. shmoke that shit bruh :yay:
  14. better than that =/

    OG is dank nonetheless so just smoke it
  15. nice buds! tally represent!
  16. it does look really nice and thats a sick ass lighter
  17. looks good

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