Kush and Kona

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  1. Damn, today was a good day for substances.

    I've been smoking free Afghan Kush since 3:00PM today and about an hour ago I got to drink a free cup of Kona coffee, straight from Hawaii. It has such a bold flavor! I don't usually like coffee, but that stuff kicked me in the nuts and feels more like a tonic than a casual breakfast beverage.


  2. cool man. cannabis + coffee = niiice
  3. ....plus cigarette, plus opium

  4. oh that kona coffee sounds interesting ive never heard of it

  5. I had only heard of it before today. My friend called me and said his brother just got back in from Hawaii and that he has some Kona coffee that I can try if I want to.

    It's grown on the slopes of a volcano, so it's in super rich soil. It was like drinking mud. Awesome :D
  6. the only thing your missing here is a nice chocolate covered grasshopper, lol.

    speaking of which, what happened to your bug adventures?
  7. Winter came early :( I'm keeping my eyes open though, and I'm about to go in the woods in search of some food anyway :D
  8. Hows kona side? It's freekin cold in hilo
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    Kona is expensive(some say too),but i like the spicey taste,makes it a nice deviation of other coffee's.
    If you roast your own,the Kona might look something like this.:)
    And yes coffee and cannabis,great combo!:D

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