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  1. Hey everyone i've seen trailers for Kush. It's a movie based were a kid and his brother deal kush "one of the most stank and potent buds around" Then his partner/brother get's into cocaine.

    Leave comments on it if you've seen it or awaiting to to watch it aswelll. Cheers
  2. Thank you on the site url. Cheers
  3. Can't find it on any torrent sites...
  4. looks really bad in my opinion

  5. you're right, it sucked. I saw it once, couldn't understand what the fuck was going on plus horrible acting.

    It's supposed to be the same story as Alpha Dog told in a diff way, Alpha Dog was way better.
  6. I never saw it but in my personal opinion alpha dog sucked could have been a good movie. I'm not bashing it or nothing due to it's a true story, but didn't meet my expectations. Now blow is a movie I would recomend, especially when he is dealing with the lb's and kg's of marijuana.
  7. ah cmon man you cant compare a movie like alpha dog to blow. alpha dog was nothing like blow. More about kidnapping than dealing cocaine!
    Never heard of kush before but ill check it out.
  8. That looked like the gayest fucking movie ever, no offense.

    I mean really can you stereotype more? some kids growing dank buds then they move up to cocaine and get addicted/shit goes wrong i mean cmon fuck that
  9. Yeah that's going straight to video for a reason
  10. it's terrible
  11. Looks like the OC meets Blow. Not somethig i want to be watching. I watched the trailer on the website, they packed the word Kush into the first minute of the trailer as much as possible, like they like saying it or some shit.
  12. Does anyone else have a feeling the writers actually believe that 'kush' is a single strain of weed?
  13. I heard about it, I thought it would be good. Then I saw the trailer, full of shit!
    yeah, its not going be worth watching it.
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    I seen this movie al ong time ago, i think its funny that you say that cause i thought that was funny. Stupid californians and their kush. There could be like 90 different types of "kush". Whenever anyone tells me they just have kush its like.. kush what?

    btw i didnt think the movie was that bad i mean how many movies can talk so openly about that? Some of the dude seemed like legit connesuers and the meth head was funny and a reality. dont fuck with methheads I think thats the most important message of the movie
  15. Terrible movie
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    I just saw it,and liked it,though the acting was cringe-worthy the whole story had a feeling of realness like you knew the people in the film and really felt it.Especially towards the end when they all get busted.
  17. i normally like movies about weed but this was corny as fuck.
  18. looks like i'll be skipping this one, feels like ive already seen it

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