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  1. Some love him, some hate him, but everyone knows what happened to him.

    The concept of this is to discuss what you all think actually happened to him.

    I don't think it was a suicide, but it definitley wasn't courtney who killed him, she was out of town with an alibi. Secondly, the only suicidal part of his note was the part scribbled at the end in someone elses handwriting. Lastly, who would want to die when on THAT much heroin?
  2. I believe he overdosed. I agree I would never even think of killing myself on any opiate.
  3. He didn't die by overdose, it was shotgun to the head. I can't recall though, did he OD that night? If it was a lethal amount he would've been dead before getting the gun up, let alone be ABLE to
  4. I have a feeling he was murdered. I miss him.
  5. If he did kill himself, perhaps he realized he was never going to be able to get clean? Not really sure why else he'd have wanted to...I know i'd have been perfectly happy with his life lol.

    Don't really get why anyone would want to kill him either, he was amazing.
  6. Nah it wasn't about the drugs; I saw this 2 hour audio interview called "About a Son" done with Kurt, and he just used it to medicate some undefinable stomache pain mostly. He went off it for periods of time but who knows?
  7. I think it was a suicide personally, just as they said it was. Wasn't he really depressed with all of the success that Nirvana was getting? I remember I read that he really didn't want all of the success that the band gave him. I figure he went to his place, got really plastered on heroin, and just decided to end it all.

    Not blaming the drug per say, it would just make pulling the trigger a lot easier.
  8. courtney killed kurt..whether she killed him personally or not...she had him killled either way...

    edit: read the facts!!!
  9. There's NO way you could hold a shotgun to your face with that much heroin in you.
  10. The truth of the matter is that we'll never really know for sure. I think Kurt was hurtin' and saw a way out.
  11. what about el duce? he passed a polygraph test with almost NEARLY 100% certainty that courtney did in fact offer him money to blow kurts head off...but he didnt do it and as soon as he spoke about it he died a very mysterious death, this is after reports of her looking for him and being very angry that he didnt keep "his end of the deal"

    just read up on the facts.......

    as a previous poster had posted before me...he couldnt have held that shotgun with that much heroin in him, it is alleged that he had shot up like 3 times the lethal dose of heroin, put all of the stuff away then proceeded to write the "suicide note" which wasnt in his handwriting then blew his head off....YEAH OKAY..

    and this is just a tiny part of the whole ordeal...

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    actually friends of kurt said he was doing great..and he was very happy and was about to leave courtney..

    she just had to have his money.....

    EDIT: for everyone to come up with their own conclusions


    EDIT AGAIN: http://www.justiceforkurt.com/investigation/eldon_hoke.shtml

  13. TRUTH :D

    But let's look at the facts.. killed himself with a shotgun in the face.. a full size shotgun in the face. I may pick up things with my feet at times; but pulling a trigger while holding the shotgun steady would be hard not mention the drugs.

    Who was Courtney Love before Kurt Cobain? The leadsinger from Hole who is dating Cobain from Nirvana. Who is she now? The widow/murderer of Kurt Cobain. Press her to heavily about her drug use or her weird actions she uses Kurt's death as an excuse.

    If she didn't kill him there is only ONE logical answer then: Kurt faked his death to get away from his crazy wife (and fans) and is living in Costa Rica with some other great music legends playing music, smoking herb, and just chillin. It was all started with Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the big bopper. You really think it was a plane crash? ;) Bradly Nowell is perhaps the last member to join the enclave :D
  14. I don't know for sure and I won't assume anything but he really was depressed. Especially when they took frances bean from him.. It all went downhill from there.
  15. Apparently when he died he had enough heroin in his system to kill a horse...

    IS that not alone proof that his death was a murder, not a suicide?? I mean, how on earth could you shoot yourself when your noddin that hard? It's a mystery we will never know the true answer to; there are so many different theories and all.
  16. I memorized the "suicide" note for an 8th grade English presentation :cool: .

    My opinion on this that it is most definitely not suicide. If you've seen the photocopies of the note, you can tell that the only parts of the letter alluding to suicide are written in an oddly different handwriting. I've read that Cortney's. been found trying to mimic his handwriting before... I'm not saying she DID it necessarily, but she definitely had the motive and the capability. :eek:

    And I read just today that he suffered from IBS like me :p
  17. i think kurt was murdered.
    with all of that heroin it would be so hard to hold a shotgun to his head, and the reason that he had so much heroin in him is probably because he had a huge tolerance to the drug. before he died he had probably been an everyday user for like 8 years
  18. He had just escaped from rehab, so maybe he was jonesing pretty hard? I've never withdrawled, but maybe someone with experience could share if using HARD then stopping for a few days would make one suicidal (assuming the person was already depressive)?
  19. Maybe the heroine was to give him the courage to go through with it. Maybe the irregularities in the note were due to his emotions.

    Who knows?

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