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Kurt Cobain???

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by smokin&tokin, Jul 28, 2003.


Nirvana's Kurt???

  1. Suicide

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  2. Murder

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  1. Kurt Cobain..... suicide or murder??? i think it could be both because he was a very depressed person and the suicide note sounded real, but then again i was looking at this website my friend gave me ( justiceforkurt.com) and it has alot of information on his death and even shows the crime scene... lots of info. on the site points to Courtney Love (his wife) could be the murderer..... what do u all think about this?
  2. I personally think it was suicide... some things didnt make sense though......
  3. it was suicide..... he didn\'t really get bad with the drugs until the last two years of his life.....thats what help drive the depression even deeper ......

    you can hear it in his music....

  4. yea u can... i downloaded courtney love reading his suicide letter and its really sad and depressing...
  5. damn courtney, killed \' him
  6. if any of u have read the book about his death u\'ll know theres no way it was suicide

    plus justiceforkurt.com is based on the book

  7. wow dude, pretty strong words... kurt was the greatest rock legend of my time... he is a god of music, his music was like not of this world, so much emotion... and he was deppresed, he didn\'t seek help, and he ended up dead, that doesn\'t make him a pussy.
  8. i think it was more complex then that. I think what really happened was he fed a diabetic horse lots of snack foods, oh,,,, RIP BUTTERCUP
  9. ...smellin\' like a teen spirit now...nevermind...
  10. His drummer can sing and write music 10x better than he ever could..

  11. ...not better just different...but kurt wins in the \'whos easier on de eye?\'...grohl\'s an ugly muther!...
  12. i wont ever diss kurt or nirvana, i just wasnt in to them, the only song i heard that i could stand was come as you are

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