Kurt Cobain...Suicide Or Murder?

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  1. So I was just wondering what the people of grasscity think about the death of one of the greatest musicians to ever perform...Kurt Cobain. It was ruled a suicide, but there are soooooooo many unanswered pieces of evidence. I myself think it was a murder, and wish that the case would be reopened.

    For info on the case visit http://www.cobaincase.com/. I ask that all of you read through this site a bit before you make up your mind once and for all, because it shows alot of inconsistancies ( I hope I spelled that right) in the case. Please please please read through the site!
  2. Yeah, I think he was murdered.
  3. He was soooo murdered man. Fuckin courtney love man....
  4. I think courtney drove him to suicide.

    He was depressed, he was messin with hard drugs, and he was married to that decietful money grubbing bitch.

    She just saw the oppurtunity to swoop in and take the money, so she did.

    Cobain wasnt a perfect idol, his suicide shows that.

  5. I heard that right before he died he said the "fuck the world" and shot up the most heroin anyone has ever taken. I think its true because my friend who just died from complications with hepatitis C medicine was a huge rock fan. Idk I think its true.
  6. i heard the truth the other day, and this is how it goes. Kurt murdered that ugly bitch of wife, stole her skin and is still alive AS courtney love

  7. How'd you find out? We must kill you now.
  8. suicide.

    In other news...the movie "Gus Van Sant's Last Days" is awful. If that's really what Cobain's last days were like, I pity him.

    That movie made me want to commit suicide:mad:. Thought it was gonna be decent, but no, not at all. Avoid this one.
  9. They why does Hole suck so bad?
  10. i could probably say im the biggest grunge fan in the city, and i could care less about kurt cobain. the fucker is dead, end of story. the band itself wasnt that great compared to all the other grunge bands out there. jesus. but yea if i were to make up my mind id say he was murdered.


    its fucking great, thats what.
  11. Enjoy beating a dead horse much?
  12. Even if it was a murder, he wanted to die. That's my opinion on that subject. And I have to agree with Northern_Stoner, this is beating a dead horse.
  13. I really think it was murder, I do not think courtney did it, but she played a role in it.
  14. Listen up and do not take this lightly: Kurt Cobain was totally murdered.

    If you act like it doesn't matter, then I hope your wife, when you least expect it, shoots a triple lethal dose of heroin into you, and while you are laying there in that helpless coma, you get to watch her blow your own brains out.

    Pretty shitty eh?

    Mr. Grunge fan, just think for a second for the fact that no one would even give a shit about your stupid fucking grunge were it not for Nirvana. I don't give a shit if you have an eighth of the grunge knowledge i have, you still are a fucking idiot for even intimating what you said. I hope your pergatory is 99 years of Barry Manilow songs...

    but i digress.

    Look fuckers, this is like the last place left in the world for free thought. Get a clue, he was fucking murdered, out the fucking screwheads, and Fair Game Courtney Love.

    No PEACE for the screwheads.

    Spread the truth.

  15. strange that i thought i was a big nirvana fan, but i never considered it even could have been murder until i saw this thread topic. haha, this topic makes me laugh. thanks!
  16. ...same here bro, was total Nirvana head, then after the "suicide" it all seemed kind of shitty to me. To be honest, i stopped listening to Nirvana, it all started feeling so fake to me.

    But it never occurred to me for a second that that bloodsucking wife offed him, now i see the light.

    I read a thing or 2, then I studied some pretty definitive evidence, and now we're back baby. I can totally rock to Nirvana again.

    I don't know if anyone else experienced this, but after I realized he must have been murdered, it gave Nirvana back to me. All that phoney shit, that pathetic waaaaaah blubbering on MTV, the fake "Öh thanks everyone for the way you were for Kurt" at Lollapalooza in 94, i knew when i heard that horrid screed on that miserable guitar, I knew Courtney Love was as fake as Gucci labded bags in Chinatown, Í knew something stunk at Randall's Island besides the rats, i knew part of why he died was because of that horrid bloodsucking vampire of a wife.

    Now i know it was a little more than a push over the edge. It was a triple lethal shot of black tar heroin and a loaded shotgun to the face more.

    That is what it is my friends, you will see this is true one day, or you can see it right now. Google it bitches!!

    Kurt Cobain was MURDERED.
  17. WERD. i totally appreciate that whole post. nice to see that not everyone is content with what the media feeds them.
    go read the evidence.

    "That's when all these people started saying,'Of course he was suicidal, just listen to his music.' But that's a bunch of crap. Sure he was a moody guy and got depressed quite often. That applies to a hell of a lot of people, including me... He was not suicidal, at least not when I knew him, and I knew him for the last year of his life." - Peter Cleary, Kurt's best friend from Seattle.
  18. I always thought suicide but after reading about that evidence I'm thinking murder.

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