Kumar in the White House?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by The Cannabis, Apr 10, 2009.

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    This morning I saw Kal Pnn on the today show saying that his suicide on House was primarily due to the fact that he has a New job at the White House.
    I thought this was interesting.
    Here is an article about it.
  2. yep..he is the new deputy chair on the foreign relations committie
  3. Holy SHIT man try to put *Spoiler* in the title. I just now got into House, now you ruined it for me
  4. Dude, it's a week old episode. You should of saw it on monday night.

    I think Kumar and Obama smoke weed all day and making money for doing nothing. Just leave it to the feds. :cool:
  5. Yea and house finds out he can live forever in the next episode. JK, sorry about the spoiler, but you would have heard it one way or another.
  6. We get it weeks later here, so he kinda did screw it for me though. :rolleyes:

    No worries though
  7. Kumar is a fake character. Kal Penn only played a pothead in two movies, everything else was a serious role. I for one am happy that he is doing something he has wanted to do for a while.

  8. haha it's all good man

    but yeah i started at season one with the dvd's worked my way up, just saw the episode before the suicide on Hulu

    note: wasn't mad lol just over-exaggerating like House does(yet he's also a realist. damn.. pulls it off perfectly)

    Great show

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