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  1. my seedlings are up above the ground, and true leaves are out and getting bigger, I put it under my cooled 400 WATT HPS Hortilux bulb it also has a tempered glass so intentionally it can grow into it. I put it at about 2-3 inches away from the plants is that bad? Is it "to much light"?
  2. A 400w HID light 3 inches from seedlings is to close. You want to it like probaly twice that, if not more. A way to test if its to hot is the hand trick. Just put your hand at the plants top and leave it there for 30 seconds, if its to hot for you its to hot for them. Hope that helps. :smoking:
  3. like i said i can put my hand on the glass it self and its freaking cold! LOL 400 HPS WATT BEING COOLED.. and its cold i tell u. So I was just wondering if its not a big problem for these guys at this stage? I was just wondering if its "too much" light, cause the heat and the atmospher is perfect, i have humidity at 60% and my temp is 78 degrees, which is almost flawless if you ask me.
  4. look at this

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  5. great graph wharfrat! +rep I love it!
  6. Nice graph wharf.

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