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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by kudzu, Aug 30, 2001.

  1. HIGH'all. whats shakin? my first thread here...

    allow me to intro meself: SWM, 35, never married, no kids (xcept for the two 17yrold girls my ex is currently neglecting- but im there for them!) lotsa college- even some ivy league (and boy, i got the loans to prove it!). werk as a designer when im not snowboarding (see image to view "the quiver"). grew up in atlanta-athens, but now live HIGH in the rockies at 8000'- so doubt any of you's is smellin' MY sidestream smoke!

    been a smoker since the mid-80's (got a late start, but making up for that now). i travel lots. no pets. i usta grow herb when i lived in jacksonhole, but not now. i use a vaporizer at home and joints on the road!

    yeee-haawww, let's get the party started here, shall we?
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  2. Don't know about you guys, but if you have been frequenting the discussion boards for a while, IMHO they have all gone downhill.........badly. It is actually nice to have a board that is not full of meaningless crap and trolling remarks. I have actually ended up making alot of good friends through the boards and think they are a cool idea. When I first started my green hobby, the boards saved me a few times. For those little nuances and happenings that couldn't be figured out from reading a book, I turned to the more wise. And that was on the boards. So anyways, here's to a new start and let's keep it real.
  3. Welcome Kudzu, Great to see you here!
  4. welcome. I'm going to move this to the introduce yourself fourm.
  5. hi kudzu...it's nice and cozy here...I think you'll like it.

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