kudzoo/sex question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by swanny, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. idk if thats how you spell it but thats how it sounds... anyways im moving my plants to a nice spot with lots of sun but the only problem is there is kudzoo EVERYWHERE i mean you cant see the ground and its about a foot high all over the place. will this effect my plants? also there are red hairs at the corner of the stalk and the leaf stems (where the pistils are suppose to be)but mine are red not white(i dont have a magnifying glass or anything so im just eyeballing them) they were planted on 420 so they are over a month old... no camera sorry
  2. kudzoo is a very invasive plant. do not plant in the ground are your plants will be overrun but if they are in pots you should be able to keep the kudzoo cut back. red hairs are normal. new hairs will emerge white while the old ones go to red.
  3. ok will a magnifying glass from walmart work to tell the sex? i dont know how much a jewler loupe goes for but im really broke i cant spend more than 10 bucks at the MOST or ill be in a tight spot... yes im THAT broke. also i found some 1 gallon pots somebody threw away and put my plants in there with jungle growth soil . thanks for the response. also would it be a good idea to cut the bottom off the pots and bury them about a quarter of the way up? somebody told me something like that but idk if the kudzoo would do anything.

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