Kubricks Space Odyssey 2001 (& echoes?!)

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  1. i downloaded some version of space odyssey 2001(very cool flick alone) with a pink floyd soundtrack backing, but Im not quiet sure what album it is..Im not familiar with them ALL...I wanted to get it though, to watch in my room, with the album playing and movie schyned..anyone do this or have nifo on it..?
  2. or i could focus dammit and do it myself but im too lazy i guess this is it right now i cant i mean well I did but i lost it..anyway the last night i just was tired of the wizard, i mean i loace that synce but ive been warping my brain for the lass three weeks i think somethings when it gets to a point like liver disease is to a hypocodriac alcohlic like your gonna get the feeling..so well I flipped to dark side anyway and pressed > on in space. so well.
  3. I sometimes watch some live music that comes out of the TV tina turner michael bolton whatever and play some weird music on top of them, or DHC. watching opera singers muted is another thing.......
  4. i suppose that would be allright with a jameson porn soundtrack playing really loud in the back speakers and my eyes closed with my hands down my robe, on my freshly cleaned body..
  5. If you want to see, Rub it!
  6. aw dude is that what you do? you just killed me lil buzzer for a micheal bolton image and need i say nomore.
  7. Another one that works good is Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody when the shooting scene starts in Higher Learning...it's really weird.
  8. the whole movie or just that part? and higher learning? hmm...I dunno about that I suppose that was a trial by stoner something or nother? lol..
  9. Just that part...when the Nazi guy gets ready to shoot up the school.

    Yeah a couple guys I know figured it out one day and now it's their claim to fame.
  10. i dunno if I could get into that...I mean I would have to get the video and cd and line it up nad I really dont know either all that well, you know and then id fuck it up about 14 times before I got it right, going for bathroom breaks every 4th or fifth time and then at that point id be like fuck. where pink n space, pop it. then id do the chill against that wall thing where i can zone..and watch some familiar eye&ear candy. BUT dont put it past me...cause I may still look into it...you see this was my first mission of last night whe I realized for the 2001 space, i didnt have the right CD so this is it now, and well we will see where this takes us..I downloaded, oh yeah I found a site ti think i belive i got it..the cd that goes...hold on...
  11. echoes off the album meddle
  12. i love the tune from 2001 a space oddicy.....da....da....da...DADA......what a good tune.......ps Jenna is hot but what about Taylor Hayes??....oh boy would she get it or what??...Peace out...Sid
  13. What about Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and the Wizard of OZ? Now that is awesome

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