Ku Klux Klan in Brazil???

Discussion in 'General' started by Joe Rogan, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Hello, hello

    tonight i was walking to friends house and i seen mabye 10-15 petite men wearing all white, they were walking towards me but because of the foliage they couldnt see me yet, so jamped into a tin trash can and hid until they walked past. couldnt hear what they were saying but they were swearing a lot using words like "fuck" and "bitch" i was so scared i was shaking the the trash can was rattling.

    anyway im not white im latino but still i look kind of white and i was so scared, oh lordy watch over thee
  2. You jumped in the trash cause some dudes were cussing and wearing white?
  3. kkk wouldent stand a chance in brazil haha
  4. Klansmen only wear the robes once or twice a year for their special ceremonies.

    You did not see Klansmen in Brazil. At least, not on this occasion.
  5. You kinda remind me of Mitchy.
  6. lol man your so full of bullshit i just checked a couple of your threads out
  7. oh, the shit a bored lonely 15 year old makes up in his head..

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