KSR Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Nexis, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. /sign.

    So how many of us can come kick it on GC and expect to see a great story direct from detroit's finest?

    KSR this one is for you, for making my work days that much easier <3:wave::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:

    keep it lit.
  2. bahahahahahaha. i have to agree completely.
  3. Pretty good oppourtunity alot of people dont get :p
  4. Hellz yea....mad respect for KSR
  5. Someone make a KSR fan toolbar lol
  6. he is one real motherfucker
  7. Lol, you a fool for that one.
  8. 56acehollatchaboy
  9. im not gonna kiss his ass or anything... but his posts are definately entertaining
  10. yeah, I agree. I love KSR's stories. Even if its about mowin grass, some crazy shit is always happening:smoking:
  11. KSR knows I have been behind him 100% on these boards...
  12. Def, totally agreed...KSR is the man!

    And to those of you coming in here saying "i'm not gonna say nice things about someone...you don't know him"....WTF.....did you not read the title of the thread??! If you don't wanna appreciate KSR in this thread, don't come in. The negativity around here lately is redick. What ever happened to that concept of us all being one big happy stoner family??
  13. dude whatever, the internet IS real man...
  14. Someones always gotta be hurtn' on KRS, fuck off.
    Keep up the great tales from the ghetto KSR!

  15. This is crazy.

    I logged on and seen a thread dedicated to me?

    Fucking crazy.

    I cant even find the words to explain this feeling...
  16. keep them stories coming, KSR.

  17. yep
  18. Lol, the words are "Lets get high" haha!

    KSR is da man:smoking:
  19. Say it, if its in-appropriate, we'll bitch at you and give you the neg rep you wanted.

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