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  1. Decided to keep a journal of my fresh indoor grow. I am using a 4x4 grow tent with 6 inch can fan for exhaust. Lighting is a 4 ft 8 bulb T5 and a 2 ft 4 bulb t5. Temps are in the low 80s and 30-50 humidity. Soil is a homemade organic mix which supports water only. I will be feeding organic teas to give it addition nutes as needed. All seeds except one where started about Jan 24, the last one a week later as it replaced a failed seed. Strains are
    Critical Kush
    Flowerbomb Kush
    Girl Scout Cookies
    Hippie Killer
    Herijuana Jack33
    Holy Grail Kush
    Liberty Haze (started late)
    Photos are in this order.
    Plants will be begged until they reach a height of 2-3 feet tall. They will flower under 1000 watts of HPS. At some point prior to flowering clones will be taken for outdoors and to continue indoors. Feel free to follow this journal and chime in with suggestions.

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  2. Happy to follow along, good luck to you too mate!!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. What's up KI? Ill follow along. What a selection of strains, my mouth is watering.
  4. cool KI im here..
  5. so all ur beans are feminized?
  6. Yea all feminized. All where purchased from Attitude. They where all purchased within the last year and where hand picked for their medicinal qualities. Currently they are in party cups for another week or do then they will bd transplanted to 3 gallon GeoPots. Prior to flower they will be transplanted to 7 gallon GeoPots.
  7. goin to 7 gallons? should be a nice run what's your medium gonna contain? I am currently working on a soil recipe for this outdoor Im mixing organic compost, ewc, local nursery soil with down to earth brand ammendments crab meal, azomite, oyster shell, kelp, alfalfa, perlite i dont want to go overboard.. what you think? 
  8. I started with a combo of Happy Frog and a few other hydro store bought brands. It has been reused and reamended with worm castings, kelp meal, neem meal, crab shell meal, rock dust, perlite, vermiculite, composted chicken manure, bone meal, blood meal, alfalfa meal, bat guanos, and spangumn Peet moss. I might have a few other things thrown in but they don't come to mind right now. It's all the same stuff I use outdoors. I use the neem and crab shell for their nutrient being it's along with anti pest benefits. Chab shell contains citron which works like neem does. I also have a amendment mixture I use sometimes. It's made for flowering by Dr Earth. It's fully organic and is mostly stuff I ad ready mix in with a few other items like fish meal. I will use Earth Juice to mix a non brew tea. It gives the plants the slight boost they need at times. As far as your soil I think it's fine, I read somewhere that it's better to be more sources of nutrients than just a few. I use 7 gallon pots for flower because 5s are a bit to small. With 7 they can stretch their roots a bit.
  9. Subbing in. About to start my own journal and reading others helps.Sent from somewhere over there. No, not there...over THERE.
  10. Plants are doing well and growing at a good rate. If they keep it they will be getting topped and transplanted within the week. Temps are a steady 82 and humidity sit around 30. I must the plants with water twice a day. They seem to respond well . Photos are in abc order. All of the cups started with the same amount of soil. Some plants did not stretch initially as much as others did. I filled in soil on the plants that stretched to prevent them from becoming top heavy and to keep plants short.

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  11. Looking good kronic, when do u plan on repot
  12. Looking good bro! :)
  13. aight aight I'm in for the ride then. looking good kronic!
  14. Last night plants where transplanted into : gallon GeoPots. I used Ocean Forest for the soil. My son picked up Kens cut if GDP that will veg with my plants and flower under his LED light. Plants are coming along well. Temps are low 80's and humidity is up to 60%. Everything looks well and on track. I added an additional fan but the one I bought doesn't oscillate. Oh well I'll have to find another one. At least I have two fans moving air.
  15. All the plants where FIMed last night. They are doing well and growing everyday. Here's an updated photo of the group. Will post an update in a few days.

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  16. Plants are still thriving a. They got watered today and rotated 1/4 of a turn. Lights are 3 inches about the canopy of the plants. Temps have been in the low 80's. Humidity is 60%. Plants are dark green in color and seen to be great. I still need to top Liberty Haze. She was strayed a week later than the rest. As soon as she has 4 nodes she will get topped. My plan is to have bushy plants. Clones will be taken for outdoors and extras will find homes. Plants are about 3 weeks old or so. They will go into flower once they hit around 3 feet tall. These plants are already in demand and I gave yet to grow them. I think most if not all these strains will be kept a for a while. I get my money out of those seeds. My son also started two new seeds. They are seed from plantsi grew and should be feminized but not guarrenteed. So he's growing three plants. He's got a clone of Kens Cut if GDP, strawberry cough seedling and GSC seedling. He will flower them under LED. If will be interesting to see them turn out. He still needs to set up his flowering box. This is his first grow on his own. I will give advice but I'm letting him grow and learn. It's a great feeling passing on knowledge to my adult son. 19. He also has friends that grow so it motivates him to grow better than them. I'm sure he will do well, he has been given all the tools he needs. It's up to him to apply them and revert back to books. I have yet to get him to create an account and use GC as a learning tool. Maybe one day.
  17. What's up KI I thought I subbed in for your journey but I guess I didn't. Anyways I'm back. Carry on buddy I'll just smoke this joint over here.
  18. Welcome to my grow, feel free to lend advice. A second set of eyes always helps. Sit back enjoy buddy I'll be passing around the bong.
  19. Looking very healthy good start to the garden.

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