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    I've been reading allot on PC grows and i decided i need to test it out! I'm using MG soil but i boiling water flushed it and plan on using Dark energy and super nova.. Im using 2 GE 6500k 26w cfls with a 23w 2700k. My budget is super low until my job puts me of probation. im using two .7 amp 2x2 as a intake and a 4x4 fan as a outtake. I Plan on starting on one side and lsting all the way to the other side as Mrbean did.. Im using bagseed from mids. This is BYFAR the most rednecked box ever so bare with me lol i do plan on buying mylon verysoon and redoing the light setup.. My temp with lights out is 70-74 lights on I'm ranging 77-80 My seed sprout just broke surface so let the game begin!I'll post pics soon as it gets a little bigger

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  2. looking good bro' :metal:
  3. Thanks, Day one begins! Has been sitting like this for about 2 hours.Turn the lights on yet?

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  4. Spent all night reading buds for leEUss and now reading the cannabis Bible.. Turned the two 26ws on hoping it will cause the first leaVes to go up.. So i got my samples from American hydroponics.. Got super nova and dark energy and some super charger capsules.... Ive done some research and there's alot of decent ratings
  5. Yeh mate throw the lights on ;) what light cycle are you doing for veg?Sent from my HTC_PN071 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. 18/6 and yea there onSo two seeds sprouted.. I only want one, so i kept the shortest one, i was reading my dark energy nutrient and it says i can just it all through my plants life so i mixed 1/4th tsp of dark energy and super nova and dropped 2ml around the sprouts andwithin 2 hours both shOwed significant growth! Post pics later
  7. Yo. Neptunes harvest might give you some samples as well

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  8. I believe I've tried them but I'll check thanks bro!
  9. Sorry for the no pic's... Stupid phone's acting up but deff will have some today
  10. So as you can see I've changed everything around.. Instead of my original plan of lsting one plant the size of the whole room i decided I'd most likely get more yield by just lsting three plants. I'm going to veg for about a week or two to get the lsting started.. so as you can see one plant its taller then the rest and growing a tad bit faster than the one on the right is only a inch tall and is the shortest.. I found what i believe is mylon tape so I'm going to be wrapping the whole inside.. Its been the same all day so I'm starting to fear that either the transplant or the 3ml of nuted water nute locked or shocked them and possibly stunted their growth.. I'm going to go 24/0 all through my veg cycle from now on i was tginking maybe 23/1 so my lights and everything can cool down, just scared they'll get so hot that the extension cord will melt..

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  11. Are my plants ok ? ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1390698827.791296.jpg Up in smoke 420
  12. nice beer cooler redneck.gif they look good to meh' mate
  13. Lol yah was a trick my dad thought me, but for two weeks and two days they look good iv never grown Up in smoke 420
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  15. looking better inside heh' :ey:
  16. thanks almost starting to look decent and not total shit fucked lol hey Phil their two and a half days old, do they look like they growing properly? My soil was completely dry so i Fed them about 6ml and it has 1/4th tsp dark energy 1/4th super nova.. Afraid i might of already nute locked them or shocked them from the transplantMy one and only's-First-Pc-Grow (Not Complete)
  17. What did you do with the lights? Looks like you have wire holding them in the one picture.  Not safe mate lol.  Look forward to this one. 
  18. So i talked to someone in the sick problems section and I've realized three plants is way to much for my lights and no matter what the dark energy brochure says i shouldn't Use nutes on a seedling so I'm keeping the smallest baby because i only Fed her one ml once so it probably will be okay having all them lights to itself lol btw soon as i make a run to the store I'm going to switch that 2700k bulb to another 6500k.. Should help a little moreMy one and only's-First-Pc-Grow (Not Complete)

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