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Kreayshawn is just ignorant.

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by SwagCaleb, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Words only have meaning because we assign them meaing. N I G G E R is only a collection of sounds your body produces. It will only be offecive if you let it offend you. If instead of taking offence you simply ignored it, it would lose it's power and nobody would be able to use it hatefully.
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    To be fair, I don't think Kreayshawn says it though. V-Nasty, her fail white trash friend does. :p

    Not all black people walk around saying n**** every other word. I've been friends with two black families my entire life (one family since I was born, the other since I was 4), and I've never heard any of them use the word once, either version. They're educated, they know about black history, they know a crazy amount of stuff about slavery, and they (and their children) all say it's an ugly word. I mean, one family's son is my best friend and I've never heard him say it. He listens to rap and hip-hop, but he just says people who use the word constantly are ignorant. So maybe that's why my experience is a little different.

    And then there's people who were around during the civil right's movement, and people from the south, who have been called that word with hate, been harassed, beaten, etc. I don't think you or I can know how it feels to hear the word (both versions lol) after going through an experience like that.

    But I guess they should all get over it so that 19 year old white girls can use it to be cool and controversial. :rolleyes:

    Let's just agree to disagree, she's going to continue to use the word either way, and either way she's still ignorant :D

    And to dopethrone, I don't get offended when I hear it. Other people do who have had experiences beyond mine. A white person wouldn't ever understand the word in it's full capacity, neither would someone who hadn't experienced racism. That's all I'm saying.
  3. Lets clarify this again.

    N***ER is not the same as N***A
  4. Or to clarify (again), I was talking about both variants, and in the first paragraph, more specifically the less offensive one. :p

    Whatever though, I'm not gonna argue with white kids about the n word on a forum anymore. ;) Talk however you want, just don't get upset when people call you ignorant for it, that's all.
  5. LOL!

    I'd rather be walking around the streets of LA rather than Oakland.:rolleyes:
  6. Cool, man. Not me.

    The further south you go in Cali, the worse for me
  7. Well first of all,the word has been glamorized to the max.If people don't like it,then they shouldn't continue to use it.I think it is pretty hypocritical for a black person to use the word and be fine with it and call their friends the N word,but get upset if someone of a different race uses it in a non-racial way.Quit glamorizing the word if you don't want it to be used.I mean I could care less if someone other than a white person was saying "What up my cracka?" or something similar.

    I also find it INCREDIBLY hyporcitical that if a white comedian makes fun of another race,they are racists and everybody hates them(with Daniel Tosh being an exception for some reason.)But a comedian of any other race than white can crack racist jokes and it's hilarious and there is no problem.

    Second,it is just a word and if somebody lets words get to them,well they are incredibly weak minded and need to get over that kind of shit.It's ignorant.
  8. Louis C.K. tackles other races as a white man.

  9. That's because the man has balls and mostly,because he knows he isn't racist and can actually find humor in things.But I can't say I'm extremely familiar with his stand up routine.

    The point is,people just need to lighten up and get over a word.It's never going to go away.
  10. Racism, verbal or otherwise, hurts people. If you think every person who let verbal racism "get to them" is incredible weak minded, then you're probably calling people a lot of our civil rights leaders "incredibly weak minded".

    I can tell you're just another clueless white dude though because you said you wouldn't be hurt if a white dude called you cracker, as if cracker was the same thing... really? :p

    As for comedians, I think it's the way you present your jokes. A lot of white comedians make jokes about this very subject and got away with it, it's just in tasteful delivery and topic selection. It is a little hypocritical that black comedians don't have to be necessary tasteful, but that's a whole 'nother story :D
  11. [ame][/ame]

    Why hate on this?
    Girl's just having fun doing whatever she wants
    Hard to disrespect that
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    They are incredibly weak minded,because they let someone elses ignorance get to them.Because someone hates my race,I'm going to get all upset and butt hurt about it?No I really dont' give a fuck,it shouldn't matter what race I am,it's who I am that matters and it is their loss if they hate me because of my race.

    Really,clueless white dude?Right.First of all I didn't say if a white dude called me a cracker.Read the first quote in my reply where it is in bold,that is my original statement.Second,I WOULDN'T be hurt if ANYBODY called me a cracker or a honkey if that is better for you.

    So it's okay for black comedians to be hypocritical and crack racist jokes in your eyes?I'm assuming so because of your smilie at the end of your sentence.If so,you have completely contradicted yourself.

    It's also funny to me,that black people are referred to as African-American,hispanics are Latino,asians are Asian-Americans or Oriental-Americans,but white people are.....white people.Not European-American or anything like that.If I were black,I would be more offended being called 'African-American' because it sounds like someone who is just trying to kiss your ass and say;''I'm not racist!''.

    Gotta love the politically correct!
  13. I'll humor you about the comedian comment (no pun intended), I think it's okay for black people to crack "racist jokes" and I think it's okay for white people to do the same about black people. They're jokes, they're not meant to be taken seriously. I don't even know what a racist joke is, a joke is a joke. People get offended and that's fine, they don't have to watch the comedy routine. The smiley is because it's really off-topic, we weren't talking about comedy shows or even music, we were (or I was) talking about whether that girl is ignorant or not and whether the n word carries deeper meanings then you guys (or I) pick up on.

    As for the race thing.. well, we're called Caucasians (white/European descent) on most official forms I fill out. African American is separate from Islanders, but sometimes after African American they put (black). It's just some dumb ass form designed by someone trying their hardest not to get a single angry phone call about their form.

    Lastly, and most importantly, that you would think that civil rights leaders were weak minded for letting racism get to them... I really got nothing else to say to you, that's a pretty twisted way to look at turning a negative experience into positive change. The reason you try to end racism instead of ignore it is so we don't end out with Jim Crow laws and shit again.

    I guess it's really easy for people who have never experienced racism to JUDGE OTHER PEOPLE for having feelings around experiencing racism. lol :rolleyes:
  14. Atleast we're on the same page of that first part.

    But,as far as caucasians go,how many people do you hear saying "yeah that caucasian guy blah blah blah" as opposed to "the african-american gentlemen blah blah blah" it's become a trend to be politically correct these days in fear of pissing someone off,when nobody should be pissed off in the first place.

    Okay,racism back THEN was WAY different than racism now.Racism back then actually took peoples rights away,where as racism today does not.You can not end racism,if you can not end ignorance my friend.

    And lastly,how would you know I have never experienced racism?And I made it clear that in my opinion,it is dumb to get hung up on other peoples ignorance,because that only feeds the fire.
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    I agree calling black people "African American" is super silly. My black friend is from the Caribbean, not Africa. I just call black people black, I think "African American" is almost patronizing in a way lol.

    And I agree with ending ignorance, and like I said before, I hope one day all words have no meaning at all. I don't even see why (either) of the n words need to be used anymore. We shouldn't call each other n****, we should call each other brother. I just think in the mean time people should learn to respect what they don't understand.
  16. Although we had some disagreements,I can tell you're a legit,good dude.So in that case,you're cool with me my man!
  17. why hate on it? Cause its fucking wack lmao.. But then again most of the posts i see you make are about wack ass artists.
  18. That's probably one of the worst flows I've ever heard, and her lyrics are pretty bad too.

    The beat was alright, but overall, not my style.

  19. I am sorry man, but she is just so fake that it forces the hate out of me. Idk, I just don't like listening to 100 lb white chicks who act like they run shit.
  20. Can't deny that the "Gucci-Gucci" beat is sickk, that's why u listen to Weezy's version cuz he kills it!

    Damn, V-Nasty is truly living by her name.

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