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    Hey gc what's up stoners :)

    Just gonna start keeping a journal on here and figured I'd start now. I only have one little seedling going at the moment but stay tuned :)

    This is my mother and clone tent, just using florescents and soil in here.




    This is my flowering tent, in here we have a 400w hps, and some bubble buckets. Just using some generic nutes .

    The bubble buckets come from Rumpleforeskin's post " lets build a bubble bucket * step by step * " thanks a bunch rumple, these are the easiest, lowest maintenance hydro setup ever.










    I guess that's it for now until some growth happens, ill post updates for this little plant until its done and any clones of it . The next grow will be Snow white strain I have grown before and just love it :)

    There are two more plants in my mother tent, again random bag seed. I have them on 12/12 to get them to show sex but I'm having no luck. All 3 started the same time and the one I moved to my flower tent is clearly female. I'm gonna wait these out a bit longer but they are most likely trash... :(
  2. More pics of my little girl, she drooped when I pulled her from the dirt, rinsed her roots and plunged her into hydro, but she stood back up!



  3. Sorry these wouldn't attach. She's adjusted to the hydro and looks like this now.



  4. Today's water temp and ppm, keeping it low cause she's so little and the only plant.


    Today's PH, Seems to be ok.


    And here she is not much change, think I might space my updates out more haha.


  5. Couple of pics of the two plants in my mother tent, almost threw these out cause they weren't showing any sex, but I think I see pistols on one...





    This one still no pistols that I can see




    Guess ill wait a bit longer before I trash them, looks like ill be keeping one anyway.
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    Upped ppm to 320 up from 160ish


  7. Moved the two from my veg tent in under the hps to try and help speed up the sexing. The one I thought was showing pistols looks good, the other shows no sign.



    This one has no pistols :( I guess 2 out of 3 ain't bad considering they are bag seed and not feminized or anything

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  8. Had to put in my other inline fan and pump cold fresh air into my tent, my temps were in the mid 80s and the humidity was /is low. I added a humidifier but I think its too small, I just keep it running it blows cold mist so its not adding heat. I have some spots on the leaves of my little plant I'm budding out, I'm hoping its just from the stress of transferring it from soil to hydro, and will go away, pics at the end if this post. Also I had an airline kink and one of my airstones was off, I checked my Ph and it was low low like 4.0 Ish. I corrected both issues so hoping for the best.

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  9. Sooo now my grow is legal!!!! Yay!!
  10. Couple of pics from today.
    Unknown strain
    Started budding it out at like 4" lol


  11. Been gone awhile making the swap from hydro to organic was tough, had to learn a few things, but I finally got my soil to where I want it.

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    A couple of the clones where taken way late in flower(Hindu kush and white widow), they are taking forever to reveg, looking kinda funny the way they unfold into single blade leaves.

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    Two bigger plants in my flower tent are some good Old Maine skunk giving to me by a friend, they are one week since flip.

    Also have 3 baby Aurora indicas from Nirvana, they broke the soil about 2 weeks ago.

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