Krave Glass melon perc bubbler

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    Just copped one at NYC Kulture on St. Marks, normally ik St. marks has mainly china shit but this store looked reputable. Anyway it hits like a fucking dream and is exactly the type of piece i was looking for, the sticker price was 250 and i got it for 200 also, the one downside is a huge hole in the bowl but i just need get screens.

    I have a video of milkshots but idk how to post it on here from photo booth someone wanna explain how?
  2. that looks like it barely fires
  3. idt i had enough water in it when i took this vid last night, new ones will come up later.
  4. it comes straight from chinaland imo.
    looks exactly like gear logo but krave instead.
  5. I feel sorry for the guy that got up from the couch just to clear that tiny ass amount of stale smoke lol.
  6. you sure its china? I mean i wouldn't be surprised because it is from a store on st marks, but it looked mad reputable, very new, well lit, looked like a high end headshop. The welds don't have any bubbles and the slits are clean cut and shit, anyone know for sure if it's china?
  7. well if its not made in china they use the same exact cheap chinese glass ground joints.

  8. Alright, I'll up the ante

    [ame=]Vapebonging the Lux part 2 - YouTube[/ame]

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