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  1. so my package from came yesterday and tomorrow my friend and i are going to be trying kratom for the first time. i got regular dried leaf and was wondering if anyone knew the best way to prepare it and how much we should use. i've read on erowid and most people use the extract. any information is greatly appreciated.
  2. Ive always wanted to try kratom. I read on erowid before that you boil them to make a tea. I think they had the doses on erowid too.
  3. they do. i also went to sage wisdom. i'm going to try 9 grams to start. i'll post my results here. and if you want to get kratom i suggest using i ordered just before their deadline on wed and got my package on friday.
  4. let me know how it goes. i'm interested in trying it. i've read a lot of reports of people saying it was too mild, so i think it takes a lot of it to work.

    tomorrow i'll be tripping on a higher dose of morning glory seeds than i've taken before so we both should have interesting days.... lol
  5. Heh- Kratom's quite nice. When I tried it I used the resin I was sold at a head shop and made a tea out of it. If you have leaf then I have to admit I don't really know much about it but I'd say make a tea and let it steep for ages before you drink it.

    Not really a "high" when I tried it- I guess I just felt nice and warm and happy. It's really enjoyable, though. Though my "info" on the preparation is a bit shit I do have ONE REALLY VALUABLE PIECE OF ADVICE FOR YA... Make sure you have something sweet to suck on between sips because it tastes of satan's anus.
  6. ok so here's the process i went through. each time i boiled i added 1 500mg tablet of vitamin c that was crushed in a coffee grinder.

    took 16 grams of kratom leaf and softly boiled it in 1 liter of water for 15 minutes.
    strained it, then took the strained leaf and boiled it in another liter of water for 15 minutes.
    i then took the strained water and boiled it down to about 6 oz. (3 oz for me and 3 oz for my friend)

    the whole process took about 2 hours.

    i then took a spoonful of honey and mixed it in with my share of the liquid and drank it down as fast as i could. wasn't bad going down, but it does have an after taste. i chased with some oj.

    the first hour felt a little bit like a coke high. which then subsided to a relaxation. this lasted for about 6 hours. it was quite enjoyable. next time i plan on using a larger dose of leaf.

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